Friday, February 12, 2010

Alain Pennec - Bacchanales (France 2004) @192

.Modern Breton music with deep roots, led by a master of the diatonic accordion in a unique quartet: Aurore Bréger (harp) Alain Pennec (diatonic accordion), Youenn Landreau (chapman stick) and Stéphane Barbier (percussion). The artists say: " original repertoire from the traditional Celtic universe with new harmonies and rhythms, together with compositions steeped in the different musical backgrounds of each musician. And above all it is four musicians wishing to share their musical passion and conviviality."

01- Ar siezh eizh aes
02- Par un dimanche au soir, Les regrets du lundi
03- Gavottes de l'Aven
04- Chanson de la mariée
05- Strathbour
06- Le galant noyé
07- Polkas : Ta dta ghabhairin bhui agam, Magic sleeper, Nino's polka, Angele's polka
08- O'Valafennin
09- A kiss early in the morning
10- Reel's : Patrick's reel, Where's my mace
11- Hanter dro : Hanterdroîde, Je vous le demande
12- Dielloù

Alain Pennec: accordéons, Bombard, Ocarina
Aurore Bréger: harp
Youenn Landreau: chapman stick
Stéphane Barbier: percussion


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