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Aran - GalÉire (Spain 2005) @192

Highly Recommended!

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ARAN comes out in 2001 as a folk band made up by musicians who have been working on several music projects following the roots deeply linked to different cultural identities.

ARAN brings out new musical formula, taken from the most diverse cultural traditions of the so called "Celtic World" (Ireland, Galicia, Scotland, Brittany,...) trying to keep the essence of them all.
With a selective repertoire which contains original as well as traditional sets (reels, jigs, muiñeiras, xotas, polkas,...) these five musicians touch us with their style, at times elegant and energetic, at times profound and brilliant, full of technical resources. Each of the musicians puts in their outstanding technique to the service of achieving the freshness, passion and balance with which they intend to colour their charming rythms. ARAN carries us to magic worlds where melancholy and joy merge into the smell of the rain and the fresh and green lawns of the Atlantic Finisterrae.

Galician pipes, uilleann pipes, whistles, bouzuki, double-bass, fiddle and percussion get together to provide the intense traditional tunes with the very personal touch which comes from the originality and new lines of expression opened by this band.

ARAN is the vivid tradition itself resting on excellent individual performances as well as on a balanced band-sound as a whole, the result of a spontaneous fusion which leads us to an unforgettable stream of emotions.

In the present folk music scene in Galicia ARAN shows as one of the best and most amazing bands in which the individualities join together into a solid sound, an appealing music for people who love dancing or just enjoy listening to it.

01 - The Hollybush Reels
02 - Breatnach, Stewert & Neff
03 - Polkas Galegas
04 - Baila Si
05 - The Reels On The Road
06 - Aguia
07 - The Jolly Beggarman
08 - Tribute To The Bothy Band
09 - O Mar Anda
10 - Four Reels
11 - Xotas Galegas
12 - Sporting Reels
13 - Coilin Phadraig Sheamuis
14 - Suite Patelas

Álvaro Iglesias: Double Bass
Harry Price: Fiddle
Antón Davila: Galician Pipes, Uilleann Pipes & Whistles
Xosé Liz: Bouzuki.
Suso Alonso: Percussions


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Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much. Merci beaucoup

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Sweet! Thank you Aran! Thank you CrimsonKing.

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Thank you, great band. I can't get enough of this kind of music!

Julio César said...

Gracias desde España.
Desde luego, esta página es la que mejor musica flock me da, Me permite conocer músicos excelentes que no conocía.

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