Monday, February 15, 2010

Folkdove - Folkdove (France 1975) @320

There are many French folk pearls of which still little is known outside France. Only some limited reissues, like the 2 items from Mormos, or some compilations from Mallicorne. Folkdove from Brittany (Bretagne) is also such a pearl, which was originally only pressed in 400-600. This is now reissued on CD from a "with no noise system remastered vinyl recording", with perfect sound. It doesn't really sound too different from the best UK examples which have medieval inspirations, subtle original and inspired arrangements, and beautiful vocals (items like Midwinter, Mourning Phase,..). What confirmed this original sound were some old instruments which were especially built for the group, like psalter, spinet, and medieval dulcimer. A couple of songs have very beautiful vocal arrangements.
Often the six-piece group arrangements are sparse and rich at the same time. The female vocals for instance have a rich coloured sound too, which are already a blessing to hear. A must-have.

01 - Willow Song
02 - Niebelung I
03 - Dark Eyed Sailor
04 - Reverdie
05 - The Wind And The Rain
06 - Dit Le Bourguignon
07 - Loibere Risen
08 - Borogove
09 - Pretty Sarah
10 - Niebelung II
11 - Sylvie
12 - Lord Franklin
13 - O My Hart
14 - Lord Of The Dance

Jean Luc Creff - vocals, guitar, banjo, crumhorn
Marsine - vocals, psaltery
Daniel Creff - vocals, guitar, spinet, dulcimer
Henri Creff - guitar, mandolin
Pierre Abgall - electric bass, percussion
Mylene - violin


Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson King
Thanks once again for all the beautiful music you share!
Let me please ask you: Have you ever found old stuff from "La Bamboche"? There's a couple of albuns in the internet, but not the ones I'm looking for - "La Bamboche" (1975) et "Jeu a monter sans colle" (1976). These two I had them in K7 and I can assure you they're very, very good!

May the Sound be with you


CrimsonKing said...

I found only the 1975 album.
Try here:

Enjoy Marley.

Higginsweorx said...

A bit rough around the edges...but what a charming voice and accent the female singer on this album has!

Folk, as far as I'm concerned, should be a bit rough anyway, so: great post, this one!

Yes, "charming" is the word. :-)

Anonymous said...

A thousand thanks Crimson King!
Fantastic discovery!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

May the Sound be with you!


DKmalo said...

PW highqualitymp3

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you DKmalo for your contribution :)

The link is a bit truncated then here is the TinyURL option:
PW: highqualitymp3

Anonymous said...

A thousand thanks for this gem I was searchin' for so long.

May the Sound be with you.


Anonymous said...

Crimson King


Puzzle said...

Interesting as always, and obscure, as often. Thank you for continuing to dig out and share!

Puzzle said...

PS. The extensive, informative and largely objective comments with each post make this blog stand out, and make it much easier to find the kind of music the reader would most relate to.

Thanks for that, too!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Puzzle.

cianfulli said...

you can find some other Bamboche's album here
Sonus Antiqva
registration requested

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Folkdove album. It seems ages since I've heard an album as good as this one. Simply a jewel. Straightforward playing without pretension and lovely vocals. The songs in English, with the singers' accent, are especially charming. A crying shame that the artists probably made next to nothing from this at the time, it is mainsteam in its quality IMHO. And a tragedy for folk fans that this is stated as the only output from the band.

CrimsonKing said...




dondo said...


Anonymous said...


jrronzani said...

Best blog name ever! Thanks for the music and folk yourself too.

CrimsonKing said...



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