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Steeleye Span - Gone to Australia (On Tour 1975-1984) (England 2001) @320

“I have always believed that STEELEYE SPAN were at their best live, in concert. We put a great deal of effort into our shows. When we toured Australia during the seventies and eighties the record company, or a radio station, would always be recording us at some concert or other. Steeleye expert Warren Barnett took it upon himself to gather these tapes together with a view to issuing them on CD. Happily he managed to find the original multi-track master tapes of most of the tracks and drummer Nigel Pegrum - now living in Australia - has remixed them. The result is a good impression of how it felt at the time. I think here is captured that live enthusiasm and our delight in the music we were producing.”

So writes Maddy Prior, lead singer with British electric folk pioneers Steeleye Span, in the liner notes to Gone to Australia (On Tour 1975-1984), the second of Raven's Steeleye Span archival releases. And indeed, touring Australia has always held a special significance for Steeleye. This enthralling, 18-track, 77-minute collection presents material drawn from a decade of concert appearances here, and in doing so captures all the empathy and excitement that Australian audiences came to expect from the band.

Expanding on the rare and elusive 1983 Australian-only On Tour LP, Gone to Australia includes the remixed tracks from that album, plus previously unreleased live performances of such Steeleye favourites as Barnet Fair, Cam Ye O'er Frae France, Blackleg Miner, Thomas the Rhymer and The Mason's Apron. The set is rounded out by Sum Waves / The Devil's Dream from a 1975 performance that was painstakingly
restored from the ultra-rare and only surviving acetate recording of this track and transferred to digital format specifically for the project.

Issued with full blessings from the band, the package comes complete with deluxe, 12-page colour booklet featuring rare photos and detailed liner notes by band members Maddy Prior and Peter Knight. Gone to Australia (On Tour 1975-1984) is a must for any Steeleye Span aficionado.

From Adelaide Opera Theatre 1982
01 - Black Jack Davey
02 - Sails Of Silver
03 - Let Her Go Down
04 - Alison Gross
05 - Barnet Fair
06 - Gone To America
07 - Longbone
08 - Bach Goes To Limerick
09 - All Around My Hat
10 - Gaudete
11 - Sligo Maid
12 - Cam Ye O'er Frae France

From Perth Concert Hall 1985:
13 - Bachelor's Hall
14 - Blackleg Miner.mp3
15 - Spotted Cow - Sailor's Bonnet
16 - Thomas The Rhymer
17 - The Mason's Apron

From Canberra Theatre 1975:
18 - Sum Waves - The Devil's Dream


Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson !
One more great record from one of my favorite Folk-Rock English Bands (with Pentangle and Fairport !!!). You're doin' a real great job, and as I said before, carry on and many thanks !

Best regards from France

Sakalli said...

Can you add my new blog address to your blog-roll?

Thanks in advance.

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Cilegio :)

CrimsonKing said...

Sakalli blog added!
Nice and beautiful blog my friend.

Anonymous said...

Finally - FINALLY.
Thank you very much.
From Berlin

Anonymous said...

i surely enjoy all your posting type, very interesting,
don't quit as well as keep writing because it simply just that is worth to follow it.
looking forward to looked over much more of your posts, cheers :)

Piratepeteofoz said...

I thank you for this been looking for these for ages I was at the adelaide concert.

Anonymous said...

Hey and thanks for your great blog - I saw Steeleye Span on tour in Australia in the 80's (must have been the 1984 tour) and this album on your blog was a great find for me! I'm working my way through the rest of the blog, glad to see you're still going in 2012 after what has obviously been a struggle at times - keep up the good work.

CrimsonKing said...


Gone to Australia


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