Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Steeleye Span - Present (England 2002) @320

This double CD consists of RE-RECORDINGS of Steeleye Span's best known songs, recorded for their Winter 2002 reunion tour.

Present — The Very Best of Steeleye Span is an album by Steeleye Span, which is frequently mistaken for one of the band's many compilation albums. Although all but one of the songs had been previously released, the album is actually a collection of new studio versions of the songs involved. The project began with a poll on Peter Knight's website, asking fans about which of the band's songs they would most like to see new versions of. At the time the poll was taken, the band was a state of near collapse. Personal tensions during the recording of Bedlam Born had led to the departure of Gay Woods and Tim Harries, and health problems had forced Bob Johnson into retirement. When the poll was completed, Knight persuaded several past members of the band, Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp, and Liam Genockey to return to the studio, and he coaxed Johnson out of retirement as well. The newly reformed line-up, close to the band's famous mid-70's membership, released the results as a two disc set in 2002

01. Sir James the Rose (5.06)
02. Hard Times of Old England (6.35)
03. Cam Ye O'er Frae France (3.50)
04. Thomas the Rhymer (6.37)
05. Lyke Wake Dirge (2.48)
06. Black Jack Davy (4.15)
07. Two Magicians (4.32)
08. Blackleg Miner (2.58)
09. All Around My Hat (4.03)

10. When I Was on Horseback (4.50)
11. John Barleycorn (4.42)
12. Long Lankin (8.52)
13. One Misty Moisty Morning (6.31)
14. Let Her Go Down (3.46)
15. Gaudete (2.23)
16. The Weaver and the Factory Maid (5.43)
17. Drink Down the Moon (6.31)
18. King Henry / Rosebud in June (20.40)

Maddy Prior (vocals)
Rick Kemp (bass, vocals, guitar)
Peter Knight (organ, mandolin, violin, electric violin, vocals, piano)
Bob Johnson (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals)
Liam Genockey (drums, cymbals)


simonthecat said...

don't think I ever properly thanked you for posting all the Steeleye Span when I was helping myself to it earlier. I still have the vinyl versions, but it sure is nice to know that I can find this on my Ipod!

CrimsonKing said...

You're welcome simon.

trein1600 said...

I took almost all the albums of Steeleye Span and I hope you don't mind.
Thanks from Holland

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