Friday, March 12, 2010

Chimera - Des Duivels Oorkussen (Netherlands 1980) @320

The core of the band was made up in 1974 of spouses Marry and Bas Verkade who had been active as a folk duo in the Rotterdam area. They were joined by Koos Leezer (keys/guitar/vocals), Ruud Schotting (bass), Kees Mook (violin) and Hans de Lange (drums/percussion). Their first album Des Duivels Oorkussen (1980) was a rock solid start, but they will be chiefly remembered for the follow-up also released by Stoof: Obstakel (1981). This is one of Nederfolks enduring masterpieces. Unfortunately the band folded soon afterwards. Chimera records are perhaps unique in that they pull a full electric folkrock style into a context of purely Dutch traditional music. In the mid eighties and nineties Chimera tried to make a restart with their own compositions but unfortunately, through circumstances they had to stop again. In september 2007 Chimera got back on stage with a new repertoire.

01 - Daphne
02 - Een Aardig Vrouwke
03 - Warris
04 - St Vitusdans
05 - De Droghen Haring
06 - De Loteling
07 - Des Duivels Oorkussen
08 - Een Boerman

Ruud Schotting: Electric Bass
Kees Mook: Violin
Bas Verkade: Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer
Koos Leezer: Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer, Organ [India], Mandolin, Tin Whistle
Marry Verkade: Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Percussion
Hans de Lange: Drums & percussion


Anonymous said...

Fantastic band.I discovered them on your website last year and could buy their two albums on CD.
Mary (not Marry) Verkade sings like an angel.
I hope they soon will release a new one.

Scorpioleuven, Belgium

CrimsonKing said...

I agree!
Good band and excelent female voice.
In their official site (and others) I can read her name as "Marry".

Anonymous said...

OK, I apologize.
I exchanged some emails with Bas Verkade last year and he wrote "Mary"
But that's not important, the essential is her celestial voice !
I listen almost every day to the one or the other of Chimera's albums.
As I live in Belgium, I look for the opportunity to see them live.

CrimsonKing said...


Des Duivels Oorkussen


dondo said...


musiclover said...

Thank You!

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