Sunday, March 7, 2010

Folque - Kjempene på Dovrefjell (Norway 1975) @320

Folque's second album is the logical follow-up to their debut but it seems that this would be a concept album. I use the word "seems" because I do not speak or read Norwegian, therefore I am unable to grasp much except judge on the musical qualities of such an album.

And that music is actually still quite folk as in pure folk with rock beats at times, and the longer tracks hold enough interplay to be at least entertaining to most progheads, but I did not find this album very progressive (at least compared to Comus , Algarnas Tradgard , Spirogyra). This seven piece combo seems to take the early Steeleye Span attitude (mainly traditional folk than give it a rock beat) but sometimes reaching out to Fairport Convention (circa Liege and Lief era) and also a bit of mostly-Scottish Incredible String Band.

As interesting the comparison I just made above , most proghead should approach Folque with much caution because this group is rather borderline for the scope of the ProgArchives. However , should you want to investigate this , You might want to start with this album or its follow-up Vardoger

01. Stev
02. Jarlen av Murray
03. Halling
04. Heming og Harald kongjen
05. Eg vil ingjen Spelemann ha
06. Huldra og'n Elland
07. Inn kom'n Tore
08. Hr. Verner i fangetårnet
09. Den gode grønne skogen
10. Brurgangar
11. Kjempene på Dovrefjell

Lisa Helljesen: vocals
Lars Helljesen: vocals, guitars
Trond Villa: fele
Morten Bing: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Eilf Amundsen: banjo, guitar, bass
Trond Øverland: bass, piano
Morten Jakobsen: drums


CrimsonKing said...

Kjempene på Dovrefjell


Anonymous said...

The history of a Norwegian folk rock group

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for introducing us this great group! I've been looking for Norwegian folk like forever! Saying thanks isn't enough to show how I'm grateful for this wonderful post =)

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you for your nice words :)

Francis Jan said...

Merci pour tous ces précieux albums de Folque, je vous en sais fort gré !

Eärendil said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this great music my friend!!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Lovely music. Thank you so much.

CrimsonKing said...


Kjempene på Dovrefjell


dondo said...


EA TREANT said...

¡gracias, buen aporte!

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