Thursday, March 4, 2010

Support the artist ...

The Steeleye Span serie is finished.
Please, consider the idea to buy the prefered Steeleye Span's albums (and of the other bands too).
Let's support the artists ! :)



gilhodges said...

Thank you very, very much!

Anonymous said...

A zillion thanks Crimson King!!!
May the Sound be with you!!!


trojullo said...

Muchas gracias por la música que pones a nuestra disposición, así como por la información que también nos das y que hace mas placentero el disfrute de la buena música folk

lemonflag said...

Thanks for all the Steeleye Span postings. I had lost track some time back. To be honest I had no idea of the in and outs of the various members. It reminds me of those posters showing the lineage of groups with lines going all over the place.
Thanks for the music.

charl57 said...

Thanks for the Steeleye Span uploads. I bought the 3cd collection of the 5 albums released by Chrysalis. I never knew that they kept on making albums and was glad to find some gems among their later music. But I still liked those early years the best.

I agree with you to buy albums to support the artist. With your uploads I can better select which albums to buy.


CrimsonKing said...

Great, Charl!
Thank you very much!

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