Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shooglenifty - Troots (Scotland 2007) @VBR192

The 2007 studio album Troots, featuring Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis. Shooglenifty are at the forefront of the folk/fusion Celtic music scene, with their trademark combination of superb musicianship, ensemble cohesion and inventiveness.

The globetrotting Scots band demonstrate their musical ability and imagination in another album packed with their trademark melodic grooves. A tune written in the Antipodes ('Excess Baggage') is arrestingly graced by an Inuk throat singer who sang with the band in the Yukon, while a Balkan horo rises in the middle of a set and 'Loreen's Tune' revels in the gentle waltzy banjo and fiddle of some Appalachian valley. Troots once again proves Shooglenifty's talent for music rooted in home traditions but with proven international appeal.

01 - Mcconnell's Rant
02 - Excess Baggage
03 - She's A Keeper - The Lead Break - The Trim Controller
04 - Charlie and The Professor - The Tap Inn - The Dazzler
05 - Loreen's Tune
06 - Ful' Tae The Heid O' Troots - Ako Uram Il Zaginam - 32 Bars of Filth
07 - The Eccentric
08 - The Patient Nurses - Wattle Grove - Another Bucket of Eels
09 - Walter C Douglas
10 - Jane's Dance

Track 02 - Excess Baggage

Angus Grant (fiddle)
Luke Plumb (mandolin, bouzouki, tenor banjo, piano, guitar)
Malcolm Crosbie (guitars)
Garry Finlayson (banjos, banjax, guitar)
Ranald (Quee) MacArthur (electric and double basses, programming)
James Mackintosh (traps kit, percussion, programming).
Tanya Tagaq Gilles (vocals)
Kaela Rowan (vocals)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Folque - Dans, Dans, Olav Liljekrans (Norway 1978) @192

First a new vocalist, Jenn Mortensen, and then a new fiddler, Øyvind Rauset, joined in the spring 1977. That summer we played at Kalvøya, the biggest festival in Norway at the time, and at the Horten Festival. In 1978 we left Phonogram to join up with the left-wing record company Mai. They released "Dans, dans, Olav Liljekrans" (Dance, dance, Olav Liljekrans) the same year.

1. Dans, Dans, Olav Liljekrans (3:13)
2. Holterilen (3:01)
3. Blind-Fredriks Vise (2:50)
4. Liti Kari (5:52)
5. Beire Ti'e No? (3:14)
6. Kjalstadguten (2:44)
7. Margjit Og Tarjei Risvollo (5:18)
8. Sol Bakom Skyan (3:53)
9. St. Stefans Vise (5:33)

Jenn Mortensen: vocals
Lars Heljesen: vocals, guitar
Øyvind Rauset: fiddle
Morten Bing: mandolin, dulcimer, guitar
Eilif Amundsen: bass, banjo
Morten Jacobsen: drums


Monday, April 12, 2010

Other cool music blog.

Hi folks.
I am pleased to announce that I have another music blog, ready to use right now.
His name is Brain Damage.
It's a blog targeted for lovers of Progressive-Rock, Avant-Prog and Rock in Oposition (RIO).
For those who enjoy other sounds besides Folk Music, I recommend a visit there.
It will be a pleasure to welcome you.

Go there and enjoy it

Thank you.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ilgi - Ej tu dejot (Latvia 2008) @320

The 10 CDs recorded by "Ilgi" before this one each have a unique quality and mark a certain stage in the group's history of 25 years.

However "Ej tu dejot!" is special. It is neither a studio recording nor a record of a live performance. The CD was envisaged and rehearsedat a country retreat - a farmstead far from the lure and hassle of the metropolis. Upon the return to Riga the resulting live session was recorded at the studio of the Latvian Radio.

In terms of the content of the album the main difference is that the CD "Ej tu dejot!" contains only instrumental dance music - there are no vocals. All the tracks are traditional dance melodies arranged in a not-so-traditional manner. The mood of the recordings varies from wild rock connotation to quiet soulful serenity.

Pankūkas (The Pancake Dance) is a recurrent theme, for which Ilgi spontaneously mixed the batter eleven different ways. Ilgi closes its concerts with these same dances. Getting the audience on its feet requires no further encouragement.

01. Diždancis
02. Pankūkas 
03. Ačkups
04. Pancakes 
05. Dirižablis 
06. Hotcakes
07. Barabolja
08. Crepes
09. Subota
10. Pfannkuchen
11. Žemaituks
12. Flapjacks 
13. Ģežablis
14. Greek pancakes
15. Ābelīte 
16. Spacecakes 
17. Rucavietis
18. Latkes
19. Apaļdancis 
20. Ligurian Farihata
21. Valsis uguns gaismā
22. Naktskūkas

Ilga Reizniece: violin
Maris Muktupavels: kokle (Baltic psaltery), bagpipes, pipes, jaw harp
Gatis Gaujenieks: bass, trough fiddle, mandolin, domra, frame drum
Egons Kronbergs: guitar, balalaika
Martins Linde: percussions


Dòchas - Dòchas (Scotland 2002) @320

Dòchas are a young and dynamic all-female band playing traditional music from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Ireland - Kathleen Boyle, Julie Fowlis, Carol-Anne MacKay, Eilidh MacLeod and Jenna Reid play fiddle, pipes, whistle, accordion, piano, clàrsach and guitar.

The five girls are all music graduates, who, individually and as a band, have toured extensively all over Britain, Ireland, Europe and America. They have an energetic and fresh style which has captured audiences across the country.

Dochas have appeared on numerous television programmes, and have performed alongside acts such as Altan, The Liz Docherty Band, The Incredible String Band and Danu. They perform driving tune sets mixed with poignant Gaelic songs, all tastefully arranged. Produced by Iain MacDonald.

Very Gaelic, very contemporary, yet firmly embedded in the tradition.

"Five female graduates from the RSAMD's Scottish music course who play fiddle, pipes, harp, whistles, and much more with commendable vitality and togetherness" (The Herald)

"Dòchas is one of the great feel-good sounds of contemporary traditional music. Julie Fowlis' voice has stayed with me as something special since the day I heard her join the band. She and the rest of the Dòchas girls have made an album that I dare you not to enjoy. Highland Music is blossoming now as never before - and Dòchas has to be one of its sweetest blooms." (Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Scotland)

01 - Chuir Lad Mise Dh' Eilean Leam Fhin
02 - Irish Jigs
03 - The Pashmina
04 - Waulking Song
05 - Neilidh O'boyle
06 - Puirt-A-Beul
07 - Miss Elizabeth Garland
08 - Jeenie's Set
09 - Eilean Uibhist Mo Ruin
10 - Fingal's
11 - Girls Can Polka!
12 - Tar The House
13 - Am Brin Binn

Kathleen Boyle: accordion, piano, guitar
Julie Fowlis: vocals, whistles, pipes, oboe
Carol-Anne MacKay: pipes, accordion, whistles
Eilidh MacLeod: clàrsach, piano
Jenna Reid: fiddle, piano


Dòchas - An Dàrna Umhail (Scotland 2005) @320

Dòchas have taken the traditional music scene by storm over the past couple of years, with an extremely successful self-titled debut album and culminating in their winning the Best Up and Coming Band at the 2004 Scottish Traditional Music Awards.
The five girls, and one guy, exude professionalism and rare talent through their performances, embracing Gaelic, Scots, Shetlandic and Irish musical heritage.
In this, their second CD, Dòchas prove that the huge success of their first was no flash in the pan. Dòchas is a truly wonderful band which Dòchas have rocketed to success with sell-out shows throughout Scotland, the United States, Ireland and Canada, as well as several other European countries and their keenly awaited second album will surely add to their continued success.
There is another varied selection of great instrumental tracks and Gaelic songs, all with thoughtful arrangements. The well known Scots song Ae Fond Kiss is sung by fiddler Jenna Reid, and the band are joined on one track by legends of Irish music Maighread and Triona Ni Dhòmhnaill, formerly of Skara Brae. The album was produced by Iain MacDonald.
"They can play big, rumbustious, barnstorming tunes with the best of them - and then turn round and slay you with the exquisite poignancy and lyricism of Julie Fowlis' Gaelic singing." (The Scotsman)

01 - Pipe Jigs
02 - Cha D'fhuair Mi'n Cadal
03 - Dinny's Set
04 - Slow Air And March
05 - A' Mhàiri Bhòidheach
06 - Da Sheltie Set
07 - Roddy C's
08 - Tiarna Mhaigh Eo
09 - Puirt A Beul
10 - Sìleas
11 - Nelson And Donella
12 - I Ho Ro 'S Na Hug Oro Eile And Ae Fond Kiss

Kathleen Boyle: accordion, piano, guitar
Julie Fowlis: vocals, whistles, pipes, oboe
Carol-Anne MacKay: pipes, accordion, whistles
Eilidh MacLeod: clàrsach, piano
Jenna Reid: fiddle, piano
Martin O'Neill: bodhrán


Friday, April 9, 2010

Blowzabella - Blowzabella (England 1982) @320

Thanks to the original ripper Gonzo

The band was formed in Whitechapel, London in 1978 by Bill O'Toole (bagpipes, flutes) from Sydney  and Jon Swayne (bagpipes, flutes) from Glastonbury, both students in London. They invited to join them Chris Gunstone (bouzouki, tapan), Dave Armitage (melodeon, bombarde, percussion) and Juan Wijngaard (hurdy gurdy, Flemish  bagpipes) who was soon replaced by Sam Palmer (hurdy gurdy). In late 1979 Bill O'Toole returned to Australia  and was replaced by Dave Roberts (melodeon, percussion).

The band's name was taken from an English jig (and bawdy drinking song), Blowzabella my bouncing doxie, popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Founder-member Bill O'Toole, who discovered the tune while researching potential bagpipe repertoire in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, thought the name, with its combination of "blow" and "bella", summed up the band's sound.

In 1980 Dave Armitage left the band, to be replaced by Paul James (bagpipes, woodwind) and Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy). In 1982 Chris Gunstone left and Dave Armitage rejoined the band for a brief period . Early in 1983 Dave Shepherd (fiddle, five-string fiddle, viola d'amore) became part of the lineup. Later, in 1983 (after the Winnipeg, Vancouver tour), Samuel Palmer left.

01 - Blowzabella ~ Marriage Dances (Rev1)
02 - L'enfant De Dieu ~ Faerie Dance
03 - Kolomtanz
04 - Bourree De Sologne ~ Ai Vist Lou Loup (Rev2)
05 - Two Scottishes
06 - Yane Sandanski
07 - Bourrée De Brand ~ Valce Sauteuse De Rett
08 - Jenny Pluck Pears ~ Half Hannikin
09 - Cotillon ~ Drops Of Brandy
10 - Three Polka Piquées
11 - The Sun From The East ~ Laura
12 - Bourrée À Huit ~ Bourrée Tournante
13 - Bourrée (Anon.) ~ Bourrée De Cusset

Sam Palmer: hurdy gurdy
Cliff Stapleton: hurdy gurdy
Jon Swayne: bagpipes
Dave Roberts: melodeon
Paul James: bagpipes, woodwind
Chris Gunstone: bouzouki, tapan


Frifot - Sluring (Sweden 2002) @320

While Frifot are the epitome of Swedish folk music, they're also a law unto themselves. On Sluring, the three highly individual talents: Ale Moller (multi-instrumentalist), Per Gudmundson (fiddler and bagpipes), and Lena Willemark (vocalist/fiddler), mesh perfectly, and always bring something unusual to the music, whether it's traditional or original. The herding song "If I Could Travel" is a perfect example, going from voice and cow horn, to a delicate fiddle piece accompanied by octave mandola, then on to a lovely song. In many ways
they're alchemists, transforming the material at hand, even if it's with just their voices. Most of it is due to the people involved, who have not only great skills as singers and instrumentalists -- Ale Moller is a national treasure -- but also huge imaginations, which are constantly being brought to bear on the pieces. They're not afraid to try unusual instrumental combinations, and in Lena Willemark they possess a world-class singer. There's simply nothing here that doesn't delight the ear, and offer wonderful surprises and beauty. Like everything they've done before, this is a wonderful addition to their canon. 

01. Mikkel Per/Kus Erik
02. Werlden Är Underlig (The World Is Strange)
03. Bohushallingar (Hallings from Bohus)
04. Balladen Om Den Förtrollade (Ballad of the Bewitched)
05. Den Signade Dag (That Blessed Day)
06. Dubbelpipan (The Double Pipe)
07. Baxarramsor Från Stockholm (Work Songs from Stockholm)
08. Flickan Och Pastorn (The Girl and the Pastor)
09. Sluring
10. Om Jag Än Fore (If I Could Travel)
11. Blomstertid (Summertime)
12. Simlångsvalsen (Simlång's Waltz)
13. Höga Berg (Tall Mountains)
14. So Ir Ed (That's the Way It Goes)
15. Vallåtspolska (Herding-Tune Polska)
16. Vallpolska (Herding Polska)
17. Aftonkoral (Evening Chorale)

Per Gudmundson - fiddle and bagpipe
Ale Möller - mandola, hammered dulcimer, flutes
Lena Willemark - vocals and fiddle


Monday, April 5, 2010

Folque - Folque (Norway 1974) (1993 Remaster) @320

Wow! Although I did ask Max to include a bunch of Norwegian bands, I had not dared mentioned this one, because they play what I call downright folk music. Only their desire to make truthful folk might make this prog in the adventurous side of it. Almost entirely acoustic, this album is a bit the Norwegian equivalent of Kebnekaise (Sweden) or Malicorne (France) and one feels like some foot stomping and square dancing when listening to this. I have not heard the other albums but would like to thank my library to have this one in stock - that alone is quite a feat. Good female vocals sung in Norwegian.
Sean Trane - Prog Archives

01 - Skjøn Jomfru
02 - Ravnene
03 - Springar
04 - Sjugur Og Trollsbrura
05 - Nissedans
06 - Harpa
07 - Sinclairvise
08 - Reinlender
09 - Alison Gross
10 - Steffa Går Til Selfjord
11 - Reven Og Bjørnen
12 - Heimat Låta

Lisa Helljesen: vocals
Jørn Jensen: vocals, guitar, dulcimer
Trond Villa: fele
Morten Bing: guitar, mandolin
Eilif Amundsen: banjo, bass, guitar
Trond Øverland: bass, pian

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