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Blowzabella - Blowzabella (England 1982) @320

Thanks to the original ripper Gonzo

The band was formed in Whitechapel, London in 1978 by Bill O'Toole (bagpipes, flutes) from Sydney  and Jon Swayne (bagpipes, flutes) from Glastonbury, both students in London. They invited to join them Chris Gunstone (bouzouki, tapan), Dave Armitage (melodeon, bombarde, percussion) and Juan Wijngaard (hurdy gurdy, Flemish  bagpipes) who was soon replaced by Sam Palmer (hurdy gurdy). In late 1979 Bill O'Toole returned to Australia  and was replaced by Dave Roberts (melodeon, percussion).

The band's name was taken from an English jig (and bawdy drinking song), Blowzabella my bouncing doxie, popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Founder-member Bill O'Toole, who discovered the tune while researching potential bagpipe repertoire in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, thought the name, with its combination of "blow" and "bella", summed up the band's sound.

In 1980 Dave Armitage left the band, to be replaced by Paul James (bagpipes, woodwind) and Cliff Stapleton (hurdy gurdy). In 1982 Chris Gunstone left and Dave Armitage rejoined the band for a brief period . Early in 1983 Dave Shepherd (fiddle, five-string fiddle, viola d'amore) became part of the lineup. Later, in 1983 (after the Winnipeg, Vancouver tour), Samuel Palmer left.

01 - Blowzabella ~ Marriage Dances (Rev1)
02 - L'enfant De Dieu ~ Faerie Dance
03 - Kolomtanz
04 - Bourree De Sologne ~ Ai Vist Lou Loup (Rev2)
05 - Two Scottishes
06 - Yane Sandanski
07 - Bourrée De Brand ~ Valce Sauteuse De Rett
08 - Jenny Pluck Pears ~ Half Hannikin
09 - Cotillon ~ Drops Of Brandy
10 - Three Polka Piquées
11 - The Sun From The East ~ Laura
12 - Bourrée À Huit ~ Bourrée Tournante
13 - Bourrée (Anon.) ~ Bourrée De Cusset

Sam Palmer: hurdy gurdy
Cliff Stapleton: hurdy gurdy
Jon Swayne: bagpipes
Dave Roberts: melodeon
Paul James: bagpipes, woodwind
Chris Gunstone: bouzouki, tapan



Higginsweorx said...

I have this!. This is brilliant medieval hurdy gurdy type dance music.

We dance to it quite often while doing the dishes. (Nothing broken so far woohoo!) :P

harpo said...


to-watch said...

I once had a chance to play a gig together with Blowzabella hurdy-gurdy player Cliff Stapleton!
He is a great man and musician!

CrimsonKing said...

Cool, to-watch :)

Gonzo said...

CK This is MY original rip, I have the LP, in my hand now, the tracks in your file contain my hidden idents.

I do not mind people copying, that after all is the idea of blogs, but it is usual to credit the original source, and include the artwork in it's original form, not just small thumbnails.

Re the Rapidshare thing, you will see I have come to the same conclusion, I do not wish to leave them with any credits un-used, I am going to extend for one or two months to give me time to transfer to other services, if there are any rapids remaining after then you could use them up, to ease the situation with this blog. People don't like waiting, don't like changes, but it looks like RS is forcing it upon us by their continuous alterations to procedure.

CrimsonKing said...

I got this album in Soulseek some months ago. How to know who was the original ripper?
I have tons of my albums rip spread in many forums and blogs with no credits too.
Unhappily the thing works in this way.
But I will add the correct credit for your rip. No problems!!
Sorry for it :)

Gonzo said...

CK, thanks for that, I guess this one escaped on Soulseek then. It is a superb album, and one worthy of multiple exposure, glad you got it too, could be we'll lose a lot of material with RS messing about, spread it around is a good idea.

Incidently I was sitting chatting outside a pub in Devon (August) with none other than Jo Freya, (current or recent Blowzabella) Most of the rest of the band were in town too, in different groups.

zico said...

They are one of my all time favourite bands. A great one by all means. Dont miss them. Yoy wont be dissapointed to say the least.

Calliope said...

Thank you for the Blowzabella posts. I had one of their CDs but loaned it and never saw it again- alas.

CrimsonKing said...




dondo said...


beetor said...

Thanks CK

Banjophil said...

Many thanks for this.

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