Friday, April 9, 2010

Frifot - Sluring (Sweden 2002) @320

While Frifot are the epitome of Swedish folk music, they're also a law unto themselves. On Sluring, the three highly individual talents: Ale Moller (multi-instrumentalist), Per Gudmundson (fiddler and bagpipes), and Lena Willemark (vocalist/fiddler), mesh perfectly, and always bring something unusual to the music, whether it's traditional or original. The herding song "If I Could Travel" is a perfect example, going from voice and cow horn, to a delicate fiddle piece accompanied by octave mandola, then on to a lovely song. In many ways
they're alchemists, transforming the material at hand, even if it's with just their voices. Most of it is due to the people involved, who have not only great skills as singers and instrumentalists -- Ale Moller is a national treasure -- but also huge imaginations, which are constantly being brought to bear on the pieces. They're not afraid to try unusual instrumental combinations, and in Lena Willemark they possess a world-class singer. There's simply nothing here that doesn't delight the ear, and offer wonderful surprises and beauty. Like everything they've done before, this is a wonderful addition to their canon. 

01. Mikkel Per/Kus Erik
02. Werlden Är Underlig (The World Is Strange)
03. Bohushallingar (Hallings from Bohus)
04. Balladen Om Den Förtrollade (Ballad of the Bewitched)
05. Den Signade Dag (That Blessed Day)
06. Dubbelpipan (The Double Pipe)
07. Baxarramsor Från Stockholm (Work Songs from Stockholm)
08. Flickan Och Pastorn (The Girl and the Pastor)
09. Sluring
10. Om Jag Än Fore (If I Could Travel)
11. Blomstertid (Summertime)
12. Simlångsvalsen (Simlång's Waltz)
13. Höga Berg (Tall Mountains)
14. So Ir Ed (That's the Way It Goes)
15. Vallåtspolska (Herding-Tune Polska)
16. Vallpolska (Herding Polska)
17. Aftonkoral (Evening Chorale)

Per Gudmundson - fiddle and bagpipe
Ale Möller - mandola, hammered dulcimer, flutes
Lena Willemark - vocals and fiddle



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