Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ilgi - Ej tu dejot (Latvia 2008) @320

The 10 CDs recorded by "Ilgi" before this one each have a unique quality and mark a certain stage in the group's history of 25 years.

However "Ej tu dejot!" is special. It is neither a studio recording nor a record of a live performance. The CD was envisaged and rehearsedat a country retreat - a farmstead far from the lure and hassle of the metropolis. Upon the return to Riga the resulting live session was recorded at the studio of the Latvian Radio.

In terms of the content of the album the main difference is that the CD "Ej tu dejot!" contains only instrumental dance music - there are no vocals. All the tracks are traditional dance melodies arranged in a not-so-traditional manner. The mood of the recordings varies from wild rock connotation to quiet soulful serenity.

Pankūkas (The Pancake Dance) is a recurrent theme, for which Ilgi spontaneously mixed the batter eleven different ways. Ilgi closes its concerts with these same dances. Getting the audience on its feet requires no further encouragement.

01. Diždancis
02. Pankūkas 
03. Ačkups
04. Pancakes 
05. Dirižablis 
06. Hotcakes
07. Barabolja
08. Crepes
09. Subota
10. Pfannkuchen
11. Žemaituks
12. Flapjacks 
13. Ģežablis
14. Greek pancakes
15. Ābelīte 
16. Spacecakes 
17. Rucavietis
18. Latkes
19. Apaļdancis 
20. Ligurian Farihata
21. Valsis uguns gaismā
22. Naktskūkas

Ilga Reizniece: violin
Maris Muktupavels: kokle (Baltic psaltery), bagpipes, pipes, jaw harp
Gatis Gaujenieks: bass, trough fiddle, mandolin, domra, frame drum
Egons Kronbergs: guitar, balalaika
Martins Linde: percussions



CrimsonKing said...

Ej tu dejot


urijenny said...

Buenísimo. Muchas gracias.

Taraletti said...

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zeporro said...

muchas gracias por el disco.
ya los conozco y por lo que he leido este también me va a gustar.
un saludo.

thank you very much for the album.
and I know and from what I've read this also going to like me.
a greeting.

CrimsonKing said...


Ej tu dejot


dondo said...


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