Monday, April 12, 2010

Other cool music blog.

Hi folks.
I am pleased to announce that I have another music blog, ready to use right now.
His name is Brain Damage.
It's a blog targeted for lovers of Progressive-Rock, Avant-Prog and Rock in Oposition (RIO).
For those who enjoy other sounds besides Folk Music, I recommend a visit there.
It will be a pleasure to welcome you.

Go there and enjoy it

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Crimson King!
I love progressive sounds too - rock, jazz, folk...

May the Sound be with you!


Anonymous said...

great place of music
Thxs for sharing

Anonymous said...

love brain damage , ... but when are you going to put some new tunes on there, lots of ideas here

CrimsonKing said...

Maybe one day I can continue with Brain Damegae.
There are tons of Prog blogs around.

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