Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shooglenifty - Troots (Scotland 2007) @VBR192

The 2007 studio album Troots, featuring Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis. Shooglenifty are at the forefront of the folk/fusion Celtic music scene, with their trademark combination of superb musicianship, ensemble cohesion and inventiveness.

The globetrotting Scots band demonstrate their musical ability and imagination in another album packed with their trademark melodic grooves. A tune written in the Antipodes ('Excess Baggage') is arrestingly graced by an Inuk throat singer who sang with the band in the Yukon, while a Balkan horo rises in the middle of a set and 'Loreen's Tune' revels in the gentle waltzy banjo and fiddle of some Appalachian valley. Troots once again proves Shooglenifty's talent for music rooted in home traditions but with proven international appeal.

01 - Mcconnell's Rant
02 - Excess Baggage
03 - She's A Keeper - The Lead Break - The Trim Controller
04 - Charlie and The Professor - The Tap Inn - The Dazzler
05 - Loreen's Tune
06 - Ful' Tae The Heid O' Troots - Ako Uram Il Zaginam - 32 Bars of Filth
07 - The Eccentric
08 - The Patient Nurses - Wattle Grove - Another Bucket of Eels
09 - Walter C Douglas
10 - Jane's Dance

Track 02 - Excess Baggage

Angus Grant (fiddle)
Luke Plumb (mandolin, bouzouki, tenor banjo, piano, guitar)
Malcolm Crosbie (guitars)
Garry Finlayson (banjos, banjax, guitar)
Ranald (Quee) MacArthur (electric and double basses, programming)
James Mackintosh (traps kit, percussion, programming).
Tanya Tagaq Gilles (vocals)
Kaela Rowan (vocals)



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thanks - steve.

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jezB said...

Harry Horse's old band - he's sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Crimson King

Thanks for this one, but...
... suddenly I discovered Kila!!! This is it!!!
Lunasa, Shooglenifty, Sillywizard, Solas... all of them good, but Kila is something new, fresh, differente, nice...
...and difficult to find in blogs. I was wondering... Maybe you could post some...



Zer0_II said...

I searched for Shooglenifty vids on youtube based on your convincing description. The first video I watched was "Whisky Kiss", which was right up my alley, and a very refreshing change from the music that I've been listening to. Thank you for introducing me to this unique group. I'm downloading Troots now. I hope it lives up to the potential of "Whisky Kiss". Take care.


sorbus said...

Since "Venus in Tweeds" I`ve just Loved This Band It was Like Velvet Underground meets Jimmy Shand
A Real Mindblower Not Yet Heard this But I have not yet heard a Dud Album.Looking Forward to it Each Album has an Evolutionary Feel International yet True to it`s Roots

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