Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Arboreal Quartet (2009 Canada) - Free Promotion

Free Group Promotion

It's instrumental music with improvisation, and I play the sarod, the Indian stringed instrument.  The other instruments are acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums.  I've written the tunes, which have a variety of influences including many of the groups on your site.  It's been difficult finding a genre for it, but I have been saying it "..draws from folk/roots, jazz and North Indian Classical music."
- John Wrinch Williams -

01 - Theme
02 - Lucky
03 - Shift
04 - Mountain
05 - Dang
06 - Cycle
07 - Snap
08 - Upswing
09 - Asleep
10 - Dee

Fernando Gelso - Drums
J.F. Martins - Bass
John Wrinch Williams - Sarode
Compositions / Arrangements:  John Wrinch Williams

Listen and download at the official site:


Anonymous said...

Cool blog, I had not come across previously during my searches!
Carry on the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent posts

周梦瑶 said...

thank you for all your music.and where is the link?

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