Sunday, May 16, 2010

Folque - Fredløs (Norway 1980) @320

Folk rock in that it's both very folksy and quite rockin'. At the risk of sounding stupid I'll attempt to argue that time may have made
this album better now than it ever was: A lot of things have happened in the field of crossbreeding folk music and rock styles in the almost 30 years that have passed since Fredløs was released, with bands like Ym:stammen, Gåte and Valkyrien Allstars being some of the recent examples. While little has changed in the mediævality of the songs on Fredløs, to my mind the rock element might have been dated in
1980. With the passage of time and the retro craze and all, a seventies rock sound is more palatable again. Or maybe not. The point is, the songs sound suitably mediæval (in most cases, but never less than quite old) and are perfectly matched by a modern band introducing modern instruments like accordeon and, you know, electric guitars, drums etc. Favourite track: "Reinlender fra Vingelen", which never gets old.

01. Åleina
02. Hjuringstev
03. Reinlender fra Vingelen
04. Juljeitsån
05. Nøkken
06. Det er ikkje hær
07. Reinlender & Ril
08. Liti Kjersti og alvekongen
09. Tel dæ
10. Veslejenta/ Kvernjenta
11. Sidsel og Monas vals

Jenn Mortensen: vocals
Lars Helljesen: vocals, guitar
Øyvind Rauset: fiddle
Morten Bing: mandolin, guitar, dulcimer, banjo
Per Vestaby: bass
Morten Jacobsen: drums



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Loving this lot: thank you so much. Any chance of the later albums?

Landet ditt (1981)
Sort messe (1983)
Dans dans (1991)
Stormkast (1998)

CrimsonKing said...

Dans dans is in share a long time.
The other ones I will post soon.

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You are a complete star. Thank you so much.

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