Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dauwvoeter - Het Heidens Corweie (A Rown for the Sea) (Netherlands 2010) @192 - Free Group Promotion

Free Group Promotion
Album download kindly offered by William Higgins.

Traditional and modern instruments fuse once again to make folk "by any and every means possible" in "Het Heidens Corweie" (The Heathen's Work). The expression is Dutch and means "a hell of a lot of work".
This project is by William Higgins, who, though joined by some musical friends on some tracks, does all the writing and playing on his own.

The projects' material draws on many sources: being from North-West European descent William uses English, Dutch, OldSaxon- and Nethersaxon for his lyrics and elements from heathen mythology and lore from the middle-ages. Musically, he has moved from a Techno/Hiphop/Jazz background through New Age to his roots in the traditional music of England, Ireland, Twenthe (Netherlands) and Germany.

It is presented here in three chapters, of about 8 tracks each. The first chapter is called "A Rown for the Sea" and its style is "Electrofolk". The other two chapters will feature folk and metalelectrofolk and will be released in the following weeks.

--"William Higgins"--

01. A Rown for the Sea
02. Rei van de Twengelsman
03. De Oale Aa
04. Dustsceauwung at Dunwich
05. Weurdwrocht
06. Rei van Dieuws' kinder
07. Vier nu Joel
08. De Huiselijke Haard

William Higgins: dulcimer, synthesizers, Yamaha VL-1, bass, guitar, programming, flute, recorder, drums, vocals.
Jedidja Higgins: background vocals on "De Huislijke Haard".

Download, listen and, please, leave a comment about this work.



CrimsonKing said...

Het Heidens Corweie


Anonymous said...

I did not enjoy this at all. Found the vocals too stiff and the instrumentation unimaginative.

Anonymous said...

Really great ideas/muzik/concept!!!
must continue!!!great hope!
maybe with less electro its better..

zeporro said...

CrimsonKing hello.
already put the link to your page on our blog.
we keep seeing.
greetings friend.
(google traductor)

Anonymous said...

I like this modern (electronic) and traditional blend. I think they are in the right way!
Go ahead Dauwvoeter!

Anonymous said...

A truly bi-lingual artist with confidence and style. With one foot in the past and one in the future Dauwvoeter pushes the boundaries of what is possible in folk music.

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