Monday, June 14, 2010

Fluxus & Hoover the Dog - Okavango (Belgium & Wales 2006) @VBR

The Belgian band, Fluxus and Welsh Borders trio, Hoover the Dog, first met at Namest Festival in the Czech Republic in 2003 when they appeared on the same bill. Following the concert which received great acclaim, the two bands discussed the idea of performing together.
This became a reality less than a year later when Okavango gave their debut performance at the Brosella Festival in Brussels. Thanks to the festival organiser's forsight, faith and financial assistance along with funding from Wales Arts International and Ancienne Belgique, Okavango took the stage where they amazed their audience with their astonishingly original music.

01 - Slippery Pollock
02 - Whalebones
03 - Anne's Wals
04 - Zwerver
05 - Mr Happy
06 - Lucky Seren
07 - Only A Boy
08 - Ik Droom Dat Ik Wakker Word
09 - The Noise Will Stop
10 - Stray Cat
11 - Lievie's Wals (Studio Bonus Track)

Bart Deblaere: Percussion
Greet Garriau: Accordéon Diatonique, Vocals/Voix
Koen Garriau: Saxophone, Background Vocals
Paul Garriau: Hurdy-Gurdy [Vielle À Roue]
Tony Harris: Guitare, Bouzouki
Paul Hutchinson: Accordéon
John Hymas: Violon
Stefan Timmermans: Clarinette, Pipes, Recorder
Sam Van Ingelgem: Contrebasse, Basse
Toon Van Mierlo: Saxophone, Hautbois, Pipes
Jo Zanders: Percussion



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Anonymous said...

I have looked unsuccessfully to buy a copy of this album for three or four years!! Many thanks. CDs out of Belgium seem to be very hard to find.


CrimsonKing said...

Cool! Enjoy it!

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Yojik said...

Thanks so much!

Puzzle said...

As Pythagoras the Elder said, 'always something new out of Belgium and Wales'.

A lovely addition to the current folk big band trend, a lively, luscious sound. Thank you for posting this and introducing me to them.

drizzz said...

Wow- what a great recording! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help with Urban Trad-Best Of album? Thank you.

Miatil said...

Hey, where can i buy the album Okavango?? I love love love it and since Grooveshark is dead i cant listen to it anymore.

CrimsonKing said...

You can click on the first comment's link to download the album. Or use Google to search a store to buy it.

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