Friday, June 4, 2010

Gjallarhorn - Grimborg (Finland 2002) @320

This third album of the Finnish Swede world music group was my first encounter with them. They combine Scandinavian folk music with more exotic oriental musical elements like didgeridoos, djembes and such, creating pleasant musical patterns and an enchanting realm of sounds.
Jenny Willhelms' gentle voice is soothing thing to listen to, and often violin driven melodic numbers are enriched with thick layers of percussions, making the music being quite strong and drawing all of the listener's concentration. There are both uplifting and melancholic constructed traditional songs here, and few more ethreal athmospheric numbers like a cow-call and didgeridoo solo number.

01. Konungadöttrarna (The King's Daughters) (4:55)
02. Grimborg (4:03)
03. Tora Lille (Little Tora) (4:01)
04. Polonaise (3:44)
05. Menuett (Minuet/Njawara) (2:09)
06. Menuett (Minuet/Njawara) (2:42)
07. Herr Olof (Sir Olof) (5:38)
08. Ella Lilla (Dear Ella) (5:13)
09. Ack Lova Gud (Oh, Praise the Lord) (4:27)
10. Frøysnesen / Soteroen (4:35)
11. Vallevan (4:31)
12. Kulning (Cow Calling) (5:30)
13. Längtaren (2:58)

Jenny Willhelms: vocals, violin and hardanger fiddle
Adrian Jones: viola, mandola, vocals and kalimba
Tommy Mansikka: aho, didgeridoo, mungiga, udu and djembe
Petter Berndalen: percussion and kaliba



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Thanks a lot for this one !!! I lost my original cd (beautifully edited).
hugs from Barcelona

Sérgio Gonzaga said...

Thank you! Great! :D

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