Friday, June 4, 2010

Gjallarhorn - Ranarop (Finland 1997) @320

Gjallarhorn are a band that have shown a strong interest in percussion since their beginning, and there are several such exotic sounds on this (their debut) album. Turkish jazz musician Okay Temiz appears as a guest and is credited with playing the tabla, darabouka, finger cymbals and “slagverk”, which I think is a generic term referring to any combination of instruments that one happens to pound on with a stick or mallet. This gives the album a world music sound and a musical range that the band themselves didn’t quite have the expertise to pull off at that point in their career. But they would remedy that by adding master percussionist Petter Berndalen to their lineup by the time they recorded the follow-up to this album.

01. Intro (0:20)
02. Konungen Ochtrollkvinnan (The King and the Enchantress) (5:27)
03. Herr Olof (Master Olof) (4:20)
04. I Fjol Sa (Last Year) (3:10)
05. Solbon/Askan (Prayer for Sun/Thunder) (6:32)
06. O-Vals (Non-Waltz) Nyland (3:38)
07. I Riden Sa... (Ye Ride So Carefully) (4:37)
08. Sjojungfrum Och Konungadottern (The Mermaid and the Princess) (6:57)
09. Folkesongen (Folk Song) (4:30)
10. Elviras Vals/Oravais Menuett (Elvira's Waltz/Oravais Minuet) Traditional (5:10)
11. Eldgjald (Gjalder Song) (4:18)
12. Ramunder (4:14)
13. Kulning (Calling) Traditional (2:02)
14. Eqilogue (1:11)

Jenny Wilhelms / lead vocals, fiddles
Jakob Frankenhaeuser / didgeridoo, percussion, mandola, vocals
Christopher Öhman / viola, fiddle, mandola, vocals
David Lillkvist / percussion
Guest artists:
Okay Temiz / tablas, darabouka, finger cymbals, slagverk, percussion
Tomas Höglund / backing vocals
Marcs Söderström


CrimsonKing said...
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Angus said...

Beautiful voice, great folklore lyrics, brilliant album! Album is called "Call of the Sea Witch" in English.

kenrub said...


A great album! Thanks for the effort!

CrimsonKing said...
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-ink said...

I had been desperate to get my hands on this album for years, then somehow forgot about it. So thrilled to finally hear it in its entirety--thank you!

Ricardo said...

Awesome posting.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking to buy this album for a long time without luck. I downloaded it from here and my iMac says it cannot open it because no application can open it. ??

CrimsonKing said...

Try to use UnRarX:

It's a free software.

Good luck :)

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias, por tan buenos discos. saludos.

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Thank you soooo much for this music!

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Muchas gracias!!!

Melissa Morten said...

Thank you so much! awesome blog btw :)

Dárbol.O said...

"thanks" isn't enough :D
Your blog rules a lot!

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CrimsonKing said...

Search for the KC comment "New Link".

hermit said...

thank you

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