Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gjallarhorn - Rimfaxe (Finland 2006) @320

Gjallarhorn’s fourth album is their most polished by far, and in some ways their least interesting (possibly for the same reason). The most noticeable difference is the relatively less pronounced use of widely varied percussive instruments that marked the band’s second and third albums. Petter Berndalen, who boasts an advanced university degree in folk percussion, still outpaces most every other prog percussionist I know, but he tends to rely a bit too much on hand drums here for my liking, and a bit less on some of the more ethnic and exotic hand instruments he experimented with earlier in the band’s career.
The other notable change is the much-reduced presence of didgeridoo drone, replaced for the most part with a recorder that doesn’t quite do the same job. That said, aside from drone there are some quite nice flute and recorder passages on “Systrarna”, the guttural “Hymn” and folksy “Staffan”. Jenny Willhelms seems to back away from her violin and hardanger fiddle as well, except for the two ‘Taklax’ tracks (1037 and 1034), both of which are instrumentals centered on her trademark strident fiddling and vaguely Celtic trills.

01. Rimfaxe (Rimemane) (4:00)
02. Kokkovirsi (Bonfire Song) (3:28)
03. Systrarna (The Sisters) (6:11)
04. Blacken (Grey) (6:25)
05. Hymn (Hymn) (6:59)
06. Sylvklar (Silverbright) (5:04)
07. Norafjelds (Mountain Poem) (6:56)
08. iVall (@Ley) (4:46)
09. Taklax 1037 (2:59)
10. Taklax 1034 (3:36)
11. Staffan (Stephen) (4:48)
12. Graning (Dawn) (3:38)

Jenny Willhelms / vocals, violin and hardanger fiddle
Adrian Jones / viola, mandola, vocals and kalimba
Tommy Mansikka / aho, didgeridoo, mungiga, udu and djembe
Petter Berndalen / percussion and kaliba
Göran Månsson / flutes and recorders



Anonymous said...

perdon . pero no es un grupo finlandes, es sueco, aunque en finlandia graben, ya que es muy cerca de Suecia. el estilo de estos son muy parecidos a garmarna. esto lo se porque VIVI EN FINLANDIA

CrimsonKing said...

Sorry, but they are a Ostrobothnian quartet. Then, they are a Finnish group.

Ostrobothnia (Swedish: Österbotten; Finnish: Pohjanmaa) is a region of Finland. It is located in Western Finland. It borders to the regions Central Ostrobothnia, Southern Ostrobothnia, and Satakunta and is one of the four regions making up the historical province of Ostrobothnia.

Ostrobothnia is one of the two Finnish regions with a Swedish speaking majority, the other being Åland. The Swedish-speakers make up 51,2%. The regional tree is the Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa), the regional mammal is the Common Elk (Alces alces alces), the regional stone is the Vaasa granite and the regional song is "The march of Vaasa" (Swedish: Vasa marsch, Finnish: Vaasan marssi).

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Unknown said...

Hi, thank you for all your job with this music.

I have downloaded other cd's of Gjallarhorn and there was no problem, but with this one WinRAR says that there are no files to decompress, what might be happening? Would it be my program?


CrimsonKing said...

Hi Unknown.
I did the download right now and it's working like a charm.
No problems to extract the songs from the RAR pack.
Try to dowload it again or use an other RAR program.

Unknown said...

I could download it, it was a silly finger mistake of mine, sorry.

Thanks again from Mexico!

Btw, I'm curious, where are you from?

Anonymous said...

Thanks You, Link and pass work fine

Great music!


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