Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gjallarhorn - Sjofn (Finland 2000) @320

"Sjofn" is undoubtedly the sort of album that deserves not only your complete attention when you're listening to it, but more than a couple of ears to let it flow into your depths. All you need to do is sharpen up your senses by turning them into one at the time you're closing your eyes and kicking back to the music. This is the band's second album, and yet it sounds particularly strange, like nothing we have heard before by the Finnish quartet led by the celestial voice of Wilkhelms.

01 - Suvetar (Goddess of Spring)
02 - Tova och konungen (Tova and the King)
03 - Dejelill och Lagerman (Dejelill and Lagerman)
04 - Minuet from Jeppo-Polska (Intro)
05 - Minuet from Jeppo-Polska
06 - Jom Helge Ande (Come, Holy Spirit).mp3
07 - Näcken och Jungfrun (The Water-Sprite and the Maiden)
08 - Su Ru Ruskadirej
09 - Bergfäst (Mountain haunted)
10 - Oravais minuet
11 - Lille dansa... (Dance a little...)
12 - Hjaðningaríma
13 - Sinivatsa (Dolphin calling)

Jenny Wilkhelms / vocals, fiddle, hardangerfiddle
Adrian Jones / viola, mandola, vocals, kalimba
Tommy Mansikka-Aho / didgeridoo, slideridoo, Jew's harp, udu. djembe
Petter Berndalen / percussion (udu, djembe, darabuka, congas, bongos, shamantrumma framdrum, shakers, snaredrum, tomtoms, bassdrums, cymbals, triangle, surdo, cowdrum, chimes, tambourine), kalimba
Guest artists:
Sara Puljula / double bass on 3 tracks



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This is one of my favorite CDs. I bought it years ago and still listen to it regularly. Beautiful stuff!

Anonymous said...

This could easily have fit in on the Realworld label, or another world music label that tries to publish universal appeal stuff. That said, this is awesome and unique work . Thank you.

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Thank you!

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