Thursday, June 17, 2010

La Musgaña - Idas y Venidas (Spain 2009) @192

A long time ago I bought in a CD shop in Breda, Holland an album by an unknown Spanish band (unknown to me I mean) called La Musgaña. It were live recordings and I fell for their energetic mixture of Spanish and Celtic tradition with jazz and brass. For years I thought the band stopped shortly after recording this album, seen the fact that I never found any other album by them.
Now their latest CD arrived from
the Folkworld headquarters and I find out they have been very active during the past years. The band is a quartet now and still focus on traditional melodies mostly. Idas y venidas shows a dynamic group with quality and a deep passion for their music.
Their roots lay in the
Castile area and the band has had quit a few line ups in the history of the band. I can only compare this new album with the live album, it’s like a new band to me. Much closer to their original roots, closer to the traditions of Middle Spain (where Castile is located) with more lines to the tradition of the North Spanish areas than to the South Spanish traditions as far as I can judge that.
La Musgaña has a
few talented and a few experienced musicians. The fifteen songs are played at a high level and will probably be liked mostly by those who are into the Celtic influenced styles of Spanish tradition. For me this is a great meeting with an old friend and I’m happy this band is still alive and shares their quality with the rest of the world.
Eelco Schilder (FolkWorld  CD Reviews)

01 - ¡Va por Olmeda!
02 - Duzainas y moscatel
03 - Molinera maragata
04 - El Chirola
05 - Las bodas de Cantabrana
06 - Las pulgas del demonio
07 - P'acá y p'allá
08 - Danza de tejer
09 - Danza del Parrillano
10 - Pasodoble de El Patillas
11 - Si supera que cantando
12 - Al agudillo
13 - El manzanal de Ed
14 - Bailando con los Talaos
15 - El buey

Carlos Beceiro: Cistro, bouzouki, bajo y zanfona
Jaime Muñoz: Clarinete, flauta, acordeón diatónico, saxo soprano
Diego Galaz: Violín
Jorge Arribas: Acordeón


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Thanks man, I love your blog. There are few things better than folk music, and I particularly have an ear for the Spanish kind.


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Great. Thanks.

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Thank you CK! It`s great!

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Ha ha, quite a few people have been to that folk record shop in Breda! Thanks, don't know this group.

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thank you very much for this album.
one of my favorite bands and sounds great.

Julio César said...

muchas gracias por postear este album. Tengo muchas ganas de escucharlo y si me gusta, que seguro que si, me lo comprare, a la Musgaña hay que ayudarla comprando también sus discos

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I just have to thank you for your excellent work on this blog

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Idas y Venidas


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