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Milladoiro - A Quinta das Lágrimas (Spain 2008) @320

It is the soundtrack of the soul that we share similar and different, Galicia and Portugal. It is a musical journey through the lands, mountains, rivers, speech, the sea, the rhythms, traditions, hisotria, etc, which form the imaginary branches hixo of us born from the same tree. "

You are the ways of its origin and inspiration in the love of D. Pedro de Portugal and Dona Ines de Castro, Galician become Queen of Portugal after her death. There we find the source where this story is born that we wanted to have like a river that brings us together at the same sea, and its title is found in that place that had hidden his story of love and death and that gave rise to the legend that is From this musical tale crib: A Quinta das Lágrimas.

We follow the medieval labertino the hand of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X, then get into the music, the rhythms born without borders, Raia compositions, carried by tradition from shore to shore of the Miño as "Galope de Guistola" rich folklore of Minot and two issues of Tras os Montes and the theme traditional Galician "Foliada de Avión."

Head west, Galicia and Portugal look unanswered mystery is the Atlantic, the same infinite horizon. In this sea speaks Fernando Pessoa in his poem "Sea Portuguese, but there are other who surcarn women and men in the crossing, often without return, the sea of work, poetic and real in the poem by Antonio Manoel "Sós."

A day full of Portugal rose carnations. From the time a song to the new era "Venham mais cinco" José Afonso, we permitimo versioning. Meanwhile, on this side of the river, Luis E. Batallán put beautiful music to the poem of Alvaro Cunqueiro, "Quén poidera namorala", a deja vu of the poetry of the troubadours.

This work comes to occupy the number 23 of the most representative group's history and folk music fans of our contry. A Quinta das Lágrimas is thus a return to the colors, the beauty and care Milladoiro work.

An album recorded at the Cormorant and House of Toulouse and has special contributions of the female voices of Laura Amado and the Lisbon fado singer Mafalda Arnauth.

The design is running again by Xosé M. Pineiro, another traveling companion Milladoiro from "A Galicia de Maeloc."

01 - O Mar Portugues
02 - Cantigas No. 49 e 159
03 - Inés
04 - A Quinta das Lágrimas
05 - Venham Mais Cinco
06 - Que Muyto Meu Pago
07 - Quen Poidera Namorala
08 - Sós
09 - Galope de Guistola

Nando Casal: Clarinete, gaita, cromorno, tin whistle
Xose V. Ferreirós: Gaita, oboe, bouzouki, mandolina, tin whistle
Moncho García: Bodhran, percusión
Xose A. Méndez: frauta traveseira e de pico
Antón Seoane: Guitarra acústica, acordeón, mandola, piano, teclados e voz
Harry.C: Violín, mandolina
Manu Conde: Guitarra acústica, bouzouki
Roi Casal: Arpa, bouzouki, mandola, zanfona, piano.
Laura Amado: voices in (6,7,& 8)
Mafalda Arnauth: Voices in (1, 5, 7 & 8)
Segundo Grandio: Contrabaixo in 8



MorteM said...

Will check it out :)
Thank you for this excellent blog!
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Mias uma vez agradecendo a este blog excepcional. Seleção inestimável. Continue nos presenteando com com que há de melhor da música no mundo. Obrigado, CK!
cas/de c.grande/pb

Carlos said...


Pelopouco said...

Thanks a lot for sharing.
But... some tracks and their names are not correct.
Track 1 isn´t "Estabas Linda Ines Posta Em Sosego".
This the correct list

01 - O Mar Portugues
02 - Cantigas Nº 49 E 159
03 - Ines
04 - A Quinta Das Lagrimas
05 - Venham Mais Cinco
06 - Que muyto meu pago
07 - Quen Poidera Namorala
08 - Sos
09 - Galope De Guistola

CrimsonKing said...

You are correct Pelopouco.
I'm going to correct this.
Thank you :)

CrimsonKing said...

NEW LINK (track order corrected):

A Quinta das Lagrimas


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Muito bom!

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