Thursday, July 29, 2010

Les Menestriers - Has Tu Point Vu (France 1973) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.

01 - Estampita ghaetta (Anon., Florence, 14th c.)
02 - Sire comte j'ai vièlé (Colin Muset)
03 - Pour oublier mon malheur (Anon., 13th c.)
04 - Estampie Danse Anglaise (Anon., 13th c., British Museum Ms)
05 - Basse-danse Il re di spagna (Anon., 15th c.)
06 - Non pas (instr.) (Gilles Joye)
07 - La perontina (instr.) (Robert Morton)
08 - Basse-danse La brosse (Pierre Attaingnant Livre de Danse de Paris)
09 - Captaine pipers pavin-Galliard to captaine pipers pavin (John Dowland)
10 - Has tu point vu (Anon., 16th c.)
11 - Branle de la reine-Schiarazula marazula-Philou (Anon.)

Jean-Pierre Batt: viols, viola da gamba, krummhorns
Bernard Pierrot: chant, luth, pandore, derbouka
Julien Skowron: treble viol, vielle, rebec
Sylvie Beltrando: petite harpe, épinette, cloches, cistre, tambourin
Steve Rosenberg: flûtes à bec, cromornes, chalemie


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Les Menestriers - Vive Henri IV (France 1973) @320

Vinyl Rip

01 - Vive Henry IV
02 - Rompeltier
03 - Mit Ganczem Willem
04 - La Spagne Tantz
05 - Pass et Medio
06 - Ronde et la Mourisque
07 - Quand le Gril Chante
08 - Branle de Bourgogne
09 - La Povre Garce
10 - Lachrimae Pavin
11 - Frog Galliard
12 - Tu As Tout Seul, Jhan Jhan, Vignez et Prez
13 - Gaillarde D'Ecosse

Bernard Pierrot: lute, baritone
Daniel Dossmann: pandore, cistre, percussion
Julien Skowron: treble viol
Yves Audard: recorders, krumhorns
Jean-Pierre Batt: treble & bass viol, krumhorns


Brandywine Bridge - Aperitif (England 1981) @320 [by request]

Mid 70s UK folk played on on treble recorder, mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, whistle, concertina, handdrum, bodhran etc.

01 - Raven
02 - Chasing Rainbows
03 - Kelly May
04 - Mr. Chaplin
05 - A Buffalo In New York City
06 - The Apartment
07 - Unknown Warrior
08 - Barry Lee's Fancy
09 - A Woman Who Needs Loving
10 - Out The Clouds


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Les Menestriers - Les Menestriers (France 1971) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.
Their first album.

01 - Saltarelle (Anon., Xiiie)
02 - Pucelette (Anon., School Of Notre Dame)
03 - Or Est Bayard (Adam De La Halle)
04 - Je Muir D'amourette (Adam De La Halle)
05 - Ductia (Anon., Xiiie)
06 - Pastourelle En Un Verger (Pierre Fontaine)
07 - Est Temps (Robert Morton)
08 - Filles À Marier (Gilles Binchois)
09 - Allemande Et Recoupe (Tielman Susato)
10 - Pavane Mille Regrets (Tielman Susato)
11 - Gaillarde La Dona (Tielman Susato)
12 - Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose (Ronsard-Chardavoine)
13 - Ronde Pourquoy (Tielman Susato)
14 - La Roque (Tielman Susato)
15 - Allemande (Adrien Le Roy)
16 - Ma Petite Colombelle (Ronsard-Chardavoine)

Bernard Pierrot: lute, baritone
Daniel Dossmann: pandore, cistre, percussion
Julien Skowron: treble viol
Yves Audard: recorders, krumhorns
Jean-Pierre Batt: treble & bass viol, krumhorns


Gabriel Yacoub - Bel (France 1990) @256

Gabriel Yacoub has always amazed people with his mastery of haunting emotion. Since his early days with Alan Stivell, through the years with his group Malicorne, he has always pushed the boundaries of unique and inventive stylizations. Daringness performed with evocative nuance. His music ranges from ancient craggy vocalizations and instrumentations to modern and avant garde, and sometimes all of those elements mixed. It is difficult to describe how that can work musically, but it does. Definately French, never cliche. A few of his recordings, either solo or with Malicorne are mixed bags, but even these have gems on them. Try any of the Malicorne recordings if you can find them.

01 - L'Eau
02 - J'Al Grandi Trop Vite
03 - Ma Délire
04 - Les Choses Les Plus Simples
05 - Nous Irons en Flandres
06 - Bon an, Mal An
07 - Je Pense à Toi (Je Ne Pense a Rien)
08 - Le jeu des Grillons
09 - D'Abord, Je Ne Me Souviens Plus (Et puis je me rappelle)
10 - Words
11 - Je Serai Ta Lune

Gabriel Yacoub: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandocello, mandolin, autoharp
Nikki Matheson: vocals, keyboards, pennywhistle
Bryan Matheson: vocals
Gildas Arzel: vocals
Yannick Hardouin: bass, fretless bass
Erick Benzi: keyboards
Jean Blanchard: vocals, musettes du Centre (bagpipes)
René Werneer: violin and string arrangements
La Réjouissance Francaise: strings


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Les Menestriers - Il Etait une Fillette... (France 1972) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.
Thanks to Fran Solo for this album!

01 - Danse 'Chanconeta tedesca'
02 - Vadurie
03 - Danse 'Saltarello'
04 - Son d'amour 'Voulez-vous que je vous chante'
05 - Rondeau 'La Ronde du jaloux'
06 - Rotta 'La Manfredina'
07 - Basse danse 'La Spagna'
08 - Rondeau 'Adieu m'amour'
09 - Gentil gallans
10 - Il etait une fillette
11 - Branle de la Reine
12 - Pavane d'Espagne
13 - La Rosette
14 - Ma peine n'est pas grande
15 - Galliard
16 - Dance 'My Lord Oxenford's Maske'
17 - Der Juden Tanz

Yves Audard: recorders, krummhorns, rankett
Jean-Pierre Batt: viols, viola da gamba, krummhorns
Daniel Dossmann: pandora, cittern, percussion
Bernard Pierrot: lute
Julien Skowron: treble viol, vielle, rebec


Monday, July 19, 2010

Dervish - The Boys Of Sligo (Ireland 1990) @256

This was Dervish's first release, on cassette back in 1989, and my introduction to this great band--with a somewhat unlikely name for an Irish group. Martin McGinley was the fiddle player on that one, with that same Northern energy and crispness which can also be heard from Shane McAleer on later albums of the band. Although a bit rough at the edges, it's a wonderful recording with plenty of raw energy, and one can hear in the making the arranging ideas which would blossom on later albums.

01. The Donegal Set
02. Jigs: The Dolphin / The Clapton
03. Reels: Thos. Byrne's / The Man of Aran
04. Reels: Jackson's / The Cliffs of Glencolumbkille
05. The Sligo Set: Martin Wynne's / Lad O'Beirne's / McDermott's
06. Reels: The Raphoe Reel / The Chestnut Tree
07. The Boys of Sligo / Monaghan Twig
08. The World's End Set
09. Jigs: Eddie Kelly's
10. Reels: Unknown / Return from Camden Town
11. The Key of the Convent / Tommy Peoples' Reel
12. The Dancing Bear / Oreaga
13. Walsh's Fancy / The Congress / Spoil the Dance

Liam KELLY: Flute, Tin whistle
Shane MITCHELL: Accordéon
Martin McGINLEY: Fiddle, Viola
Brian McDONAGH: Mandoline, Bouzouki, Mandole
Michael HOLMES: Guitare, Bouzouki


Saturday, July 10, 2010

La Musgaña - En Concierto (Spain 1997) @256

The original Spanish release (Ediciones Resistencia) of a live 1997 performance celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ensemble. Nice book-style package with lots of photos, song info and lyrics in Spanish and English.
The musicians on this recording were then-current members Carlos Beceiro, Enrique Almendros and Jaime Munoz, plus guests that included former members and some surprises, including Luis Delgado, Manuel Luna, Rafael Martin, Joohnny Cunningham, Kepa Junkera, Wafir Shaik El Din. In addition to their usual energetic vocals instruments include bass, zamoron bagpipes, clarinet, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, trikitixa, and Spanish, Middle Eastern and North African percussion.

01. Picao (4:28)
02. Siete Por Ocho (5:14)
03. Bailes A Lo Pesao (4:15)
04. Pica De Saelices (6:21)
05. Estremera (6:00)
06. Danzas De Burgos (3:48)
07. Verdeguea Y Grana (4:19)
08. Pasito A Paso (4:50)
09. Jotas (6:42)
10. Arribes (6:49)
11. Entradilla (4:11)

ENRIQUE ALMENDROS: gaita charra y tamboril (3-holed nute & tabor), gaita de fole (bagpipes), txirula, flauta de 3 agujeros,
CARLOS BECEIRO: bajo sin trastes, cistro (cittern) y zanfona
JAIME MUÑOZ: clarinete soprano, clarinete alto, flautas, acordeón diatónico ykaval (Bulgarian flute)
MANUEL LUNA: voz, pandereta
JAVIER PAXARIÑO: saxo soprano, clarinete bajo, flauta bajo
LUIS DELGADO: pandera, bendhir, cántaras, krabebs
CUCO PÉREZ: acordeón de piano, conchas
AMANCIO PRADA: voz, guitarra
WAFIR SHAIK EL DIN: Laud árabe, darbuka

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