Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brandywine Bridge - Aperitif (England 1981) @320 [by request]

Mid 70s UK folk played on on treble recorder, mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, whistle, concertina, handdrum, bodhran etc.

01 - Raven
02 - Chasing Rainbows
03 - Kelly May
04 - Mr. Chaplin
05 - A Buffalo In New York City
06 - The Apartment
07 - Unknown Warrior
08 - Barry Lee's Fancy
09 - A Woman Who Needs Loving
10 - Out The Clouds



CrimsonKing said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Crimson King. Is this the same Brandywine Bridge who released "The Grey Lady" and "An English Meadow" in the late 1970's. I have been searching for further information about them, but have so far failed. Did they release any other albums?

CrimsonKing said...

Yes it's the same group.
I think they have only these 3 albums.

kellymay said...

Hi , I am the daughter of Dave grew from brandy wine bridge, hench the track Kelly may, they only had the three and then split, Dave went on to go solo, and then form a duo with mick busier, after starting a theatrical company, he then formed a band , pavanne, I myself were part of this group, after the band dispersed, 12 years ago, Dave went on to form , Phoenix, and still performs.
Shealia and Stuart , the other two from the group are my god parents, I'm still in contact with them and they are very successful and still using the name brandywine bridge, performing medieval shows and the like.. Hope this helps, xx Kelly may.

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks kellymay for the info!
They are great!

CrimsonKing said...




steve ajax said...

Hi ,I'm Steve,I played bass with BWB..

Mike Bondartschuk said...

Hi - I'm Mike Bondartschuk - I did the photography for the cover image for this LP and the first solo LP by Dave John Grew (AKA Davey Slater) released 1982. I remember Steve who played bass - my late wife Meg took over his mothers job at the place we both worked. I am not completely certain but weren't you a member of a band called Last Resort that I also did some photography for?

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Mike.
Hummm. I don't know about this.

Mike Bondartschuk said...

Sorry CrimsonKing - my comment about the other band and work contact was directed to Steve played bass on Aperatif - apologies for the confusion - thread was some months old - I'm getting senile in my old age!

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