Monday, July 19, 2010

Dervish - The Boys Of Sligo (Ireland 1990) @256

This was Dervish's first release, on cassette back in 1989, and my introduction to this great band--with a somewhat unlikely name for an Irish group. Martin McGinley was the fiddle player on that one, with that same Northern energy and crispness which can also be heard from Shane McAleer on later albums of the band. Although a bit rough at the edges, it's a wonderful recording with plenty of raw energy, and one can hear in the making the arranging ideas which would blossom on later albums.

01. The Donegal Set
02. Jigs: The Dolphin / The Clapton
03. Reels: Thos. Byrne's / The Man of Aran
04. Reels: Jackson's / The Cliffs of Glencolumbkille
05. The Sligo Set: Martin Wynne's / Lad O'Beirne's / McDermott's
06. Reels: The Raphoe Reel / The Chestnut Tree
07. The Boys of Sligo / Monaghan Twig
08. The World's End Set
09. Jigs: Eddie Kelly's
10. Reels: Unknown / Return from Camden Town
11. The Key of the Convent / Tommy Peoples' Reel
12. The Dancing Bear / Oreaga
13. Walsh's Fancy / The Congress / Spoil the Dance

Liam KELLY: Flute, Tin whistle
Shane MITCHELL: Accordéon
Martin McGINLEY: Fiddle, Viola
Brian McDONAGH: Mandoline, Bouzouki, Mandole
Michael HOLMES: Guitare, Bouzouki



CrimsonKing said...

The Boys Of Sligo


magus said...

I hadn't heard of Dervish, but they're find musicians. Thank you!

Jay Bee said...

I'll give it a try to this band, thank you!

Tom Dooley said...

Great music. Thanks for the chance to listen.

CrimsonKing said...


The Boys Of Sligo


dondo said...


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