Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gabriel Yacoub - Bel (France 1990) @256

Gabriel Yacoub has always amazed people with his mastery of haunting emotion. Since his early days with Alan Stivell, through the years with his group Malicorne, he has always pushed the boundaries of unique and inventive stylizations. Daringness performed with evocative nuance. His music ranges from ancient craggy vocalizations and instrumentations to modern and avant garde, and sometimes all of those elements mixed. It is difficult to describe how that can work musically, but it does. Definately French, never cliche. A few of his recordings, either solo or with Malicorne are mixed bags, but even these have gems on them. Try any of the Malicorne recordings if you can find them.

01 - L'Eau
02 - J'Al Grandi Trop Vite
03 - Ma Délire
04 - Les Choses Les Plus Simples
05 - Nous Irons en Flandres
06 - Bon an, Mal An
07 - Je Pense à Toi (Je Ne Pense a Rien)
08 - Le jeu des Grillons
09 - D'Abord, Je Ne Me Souviens Plus (Et puis je me rappelle)
10 - Words
11 - Je Serai Ta Lune

Gabriel Yacoub: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandocello, mandolin, autoharp
Nikki Matheson: vocals, keyboards, pennywhistle
Bryan Matheson: vocals
Gildas Arzel: vocals
Yannick Hardouin: bass, fretless bass
Erick Benzi: keyboards
Jean Blanchard: vocals, musettes du Centre (bagpipes)
René Werneer: violin and string arrangements
La Réjouissance Francaise: strings



CrimsonKing said...



CrimsonKing said...

Enjoy Joc :)

max said...

I haven't this... many thanks!!!
Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful records ever. The jewel in Gabriel's discography. I listen to this one for more than a decade and it still haunts me.

May the Sound be with you Crimson King


treefrogdemon said...

Thank you so much, Crimson King!

(I can now reveal that my copy of Bel was given me by Gabriel himself!)


TonyB said...

This is a quite beautiful album. I've had a slightly rough copy for years so delighted to get it in better quality.

Also agree the Malicorne albums are wonderful in the main.

Lucanto del Nord said...

Dear CrimsonKing,
Found your website by coincidence. I'm flabbergasted! Much of the music I've got on vinyl is here to download. I searched for years for example for the Belgian Rum. And here it is all! Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Question: the music of Alan Stivell, Dan Arbraz a.o. is missing in the Celtic part. , and uncommion groups like Aristide Padygros? And another: why no Asian music? I'm searching for a long time for the famous Japanese Keiko Nosaka's Hanagya. Perhaps some one else can help me?
Keep on the good work!
Lucanto (NL)

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Lucanto del Nord.
I will post some Alan Stivell & Dan Arbraz music soon.
About Asian misic, I dont it like it so much.
I post only albums that I like.

Chris, Leeds said...

This is a superb album. My copy is a slightly worn cassette bought when he played The Buddle Arts Centre nr Newcastle many yrs ago. I was privileged enough to know his nephew who persuaded a couple of us to do along to the gig and to meet the man himself. A genuine star and a gent of the highest order. This album should be in all our collections.

CrimsonKing said...




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