Thursday, July 29, 2010

Les Menestriers - Has Tu Point Vu (France 1973) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.

01 - Estampita ghaetta (Anon., Florence, 14th c.)
02 - Sire comte j'ai vièlé (Colin Muset)
03 - Pour oublier mon malheur (Anon., 13th c.)
04 - Estampie Danse Anglaise (Anon., 13th c., British Museum Ms)
05 - Basse-danse Il re di spagna (Anon., 15th c.)
06 - Non pas (instr.) (Gilles Joye)
07 - La perontina (instr.) (Robert Morton)
08 - Basse-danse La brosse (Pierre Attaingnant Livre de Danse de Paris)
09 - Captaine pipers pavin-Galliard to captaine pipers pavin (John Dowland)
10 - Has tu point vu (Anon., 16th c.)
11 - Branle de la reine-Schiarazula marazula-Philou (Anon.)

Jean-Pierre Batt: viols, viola da gamba, krummhorns
Bernard Pierrot: chant, luth, pandore, derbouka
Julien Skowron: treble viol, vielle, rebec
Sylvie Beltrando: petite harpe, épinette, cloches, cistre, tambourin
Steve Rosenberg: flûtes à bec, cromornes, chalemie



Anonymous said...

this is their best record. freakin' brilliant.

Franck de Paris said...

A french group totally unknown for me. And really good.


David "Discipline" said...

Once again i would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful band.
Keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

Do you know Melusine? An amazing french band from the 70's. Like Les Menestriers or Malicorne, one of the greatest french folk bands in this gold era... check it out...

CrimsonKing said...

Yes, I know Melusine. Very good.

CrimsonKing said...


Has Tu Point Vu


dondo said...


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