Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coanhadeira - PO (Spain 2010) @320

Continue with young and merry Galician band. I have discovered them on Festival Interceltique de Lorient this year. They played in a budget "mid-day" show in a set with two more bands and they simply shined smoked and feasted. it was possible to buy their album after the show. I did it of course and now happily share this beautiful folk album with you.

Coanhadeira on the Net:

Yann-Fanch Kemener, Laurent Audemard, Francois Sava, Renat Sette "Si je savais voler" (2009 France) @ 320

So.... let's start. My first post is dedicated to the latest album of Breton revivalist, "teacher of generation" and overall great singer Yann-Fanch Kemener. His latest work is a collaboration with Occitanу singer Renat Sette, composer and clarinet and Langudeoc oboe player Laurent Audemard and sax player Francois Sava.

Sub-titled "Chants de Bretagne et d' Occitanie" the album is a meeting of musical traditions: Atlantic (Breton) and Mediterranean (Occitan).
1. Tri Martolod 3:42
2. Borrèia dau Langadoc-Haut 2:41
3. So ieu sabiau volar 5:07
4. Ar verc'h Elen 4:33
5. War hent Zant-Jakez 3:21
6. Lo caladaire 5:44
7. La fialosa 3:34
8. Kanvou (Version courte) 2:23
9. Lei bofets 3:14
10. Kanvou (Version longue) 3:25
11. Au promier jorn de mai 2:50
12. Maria-Magdalena 5:12
13. Barzh an Turki 3:05
14. Lo presonier 3:28
15. Darrier lo castèu de Montbrun 4:21
16. Berjelenn ar Roue 4:56
17. Lei nombres (Gousperou ar raned) 3:37

P.S. Please support artists and buy their albums if you like them!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Various Artists - Nordisk Sang (Norway 1987) @VBR

With Kirsten Braten Berg

What do you think of when you think of Norway? Fjords? Glaciers? Trolls? After listening to these tracks from the Nordisk Sang compilation, you'll also think, "beautiful, haunting music." Norway's traditional folk music has survived and flourished for hundreds of years. Since a brief scare at the turn of the twentieth century when it seemed the old traditions would be lost, Norwegians have embraced their musical heritage and have worked hard to preserve it.

The pieces on Nordisk Sang reflect the beauty and simplicity of traditional Norwegian music. Most of the songs were recorded between 1977 and 1988; two were recorded in 1957, but the music is timeless and boundless. The instrumentation is simple: voice, flute, and stringed instruments interweave to form delicate and hauntingly beautiful tapestries. Though the lyrics are in Norwegian, no translation is needed to perceive the great emotion in the singers' words. Most of the musical influence for these pieces comes from central and western Norway, with has slightly different musical traditions (single flutes instead of trios or quartets, for example) than the rest of the country.

One main component of Norwegian folk music is the national instrument, the Hardanger fiddle ("Hardingfele" in Norwegian), which dates back to at least 1651. The Hardanger filddle developed out of the standard violin and is only found in Norway. It is easier to play several strings at once on the Hardanger fiddle than on a regular violin, and it can be tuned in one of 29 different tunings. This allows for a larger sound from a single instrument, which can come in handy in a sparsely populated country: only one musician would be needed to play at a wedding or other special occasion. Other instruments in traditional Norwegian folk music include "Langeleik" dulcimer (as heard in Elisabeth Kvœrne's lilting and beautiful "Kjœringkjegla"), willow bark flute, standard fiddle (featured in the haunting "Blå Tonar Fra Lom," performed by Hans Brimi and Pernille Anker), and recorder. Like all music, folk music is constantly growing and changing, incorporating new instruments and influences: in "Heiemo Og Nykkjen," Ale Møller uses a synthesizer to accompany Kristen Bråten Berg's vocals, but the piece retains an air of solemn mystery concurrent with even the most traditional Norwegian folk music.

1. Tveitanvise 0:36
2. Blå Tonar Fra Lom 2:54
3. Svein I Sy' Garde 2:17
4. Jenta I Saueflokken 2:58
5. Helemo Og Nykkjen 4:57
6. Smørligråen 2:00
7. Sylfest Mork 1:34
8. To Bånsullar Etter 1:58
9. Thomaslukkud'n Pa 3:25
10. Trumpen Hass Trond 2:10
11. Kjoeringkjegla 1:00
12. Bånsull 0:53
13. Tirili Tovann 3:27
14. Min Kvedarlund 5:32
15. Kivlemøyane 2:28
16. Våjevise 2:36
17. Nils Og Jens Og Gjeidaug 3:30
18. Budeiesull Frå Brimisætra 3:39
19. Seljefløytetone 0:28

Kirsten Braten BERG: Vocals/voix
Eivind GROVEN: Flute
Pernille ANKER: Vocals/voix
Hans BRIMI: Fiddle
Torleiv BOLSTAD: Fiddle
Gunnar STUBSEID: Fiddle
Ale MØLLER: Synthesizer, Bouzouki
Elisabeth KVAERNE: Dulcimer
Tellef KVIFTE: Saxophone soprano, Flute
Hallvard T. BJØRGUM: Fiddle
Kåre NORDSTOGA: Cornemuse
Steinar OFSDAL: Flute


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bleizi Ruz - En Concert (France 1991) @320

Uploaded by request

01. Voyajet M'eus E Bro Vreiz
02. Ceth's Dance
03. Trouz E Kerdiez: Ton Simpl/Pach-Pi/Ton Doubl
04. Coz Liorzou
05. Cc8558 + Half A Corner Beer/The Fill In/Karlov
06. Marche Pour Leocadie/An Devez Eured
07. Ar Gevier
08. Vent D'Est: Joc La Hobotul Miresei/Horo De Plovdiv
09. The Inside Passage
10. Mab Ar Brigant

Eric LIORZOU: Guitare, Vocals/voix, Bombarde
Loïc LE BORGNE: Accordéon, CAVAGNOLO Vocals/voix
Ben CREACH: Guitare basse
Bernard QUILLIEN: Bombarde, Whistle, Cornemuse
Patrik EWEN: Vocals/voix.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi folks.

I have good news for all. 
I invited a great folk specialist to join to Folk Yourself.
His nick is Matty Groves and his knowledge about folk style is very impressive.
Together, Matty and I will try to further the work on this old blog.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little note about comments

Pity, but 99% of comments leaved here are spams. Of course, they never will be publicated.

Only a few persons say thanks, do any observation or at least say hello. This is not a good motivation to maintain this old blog working.

Some time ago, for each downloaded file I earned points, which combined, allowed me a Rapidshare month with no cost.
This scheme, now, is ended. The Rapidshare no longer is offering such bonuses. So my credits are ending and I can't keep my files on that host and soon they will be deleted.

No motivation and no money.
Unhappily, I think this blog is walking to the end.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Karma - Nozata (France 2000) @256

After parental squatted garages, they went on all the major theaters in Britain: In Klegerec to Arwen, Kan-Al-Louar, Kerlouan, les Vieilles Charrues, le festival de Cornouailles in Lorient ... They? The six members of Karma. A solid training rhythms based on traditional music is constantly updated. Recorded in February 2000, this disc is a true moment of happiness. Note the presence of masters of the genre, came to support the Next Generation: Ronan PELLEN and Jacky MOLARD.

01- Rond de St-Vincent / Rond Sant-Visant - (trad/arrgts : Y.Le Corre)
02- Laridés 8 temps / Laride(nn) - (trad,compo:J.-L. Le Vallégant,trad/arrgts : Y.Le Corre,J.-L. Cadoret)
03- Ton Simpl - (trad/arrgts : Y. Le Corre, J.-L. Cadoret)
04- Tamm Kreizh - (trad/arrgts : Karma)
05- Ton Doubl - (compo:S.Sibéril, Y.Le Corre,trad/arrgts : Karma)
06- Mélodie Gavotte / Ton A-Boz Gavotten : Janedig Ar Rouz - (trad/arrgts : Karma)
07- 1añ Ront - (trad/arrgts : Karma)
08- Baleu - (compo:Y.Le Corre/arrgts : Y.Le Corre)
09- 2vet Ront - (trad,compo:Y.Le Corre,trad/arrgts : Y.Le Corre)
10- Eliz Iza - (trad/arrgts : R. Pellen & Y.Le Corre)
11- Ridées 6 temps / Ridenn - (trad/arrgts : Karma)

Etienne BESCOND: binioù
Mikaël Le Bihannic: Bombarde
Jean-Louis CADORET: Guitares
Yann LE CORRE: Accordéon chromatique
Jonathan DOUR: violon
Stéphane RAMA: Guitare Basse
Kaou GUEN: percussions
Jacky Molard (Guitare,6), Ronan Pellen (violoncelle,10)
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