Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little note about comments

Pity, but 99% of comments leaved here are spams. Of course, they never will be publicated.

Only a few persons say thanks, do any observation or at least say hello. This is not a good motivation to maintain this old blog working.

Some time ago, for each downloaded file I earned points, which combined, allowed me a Rapidshare month with no cost.
This scheme, now, is ended. The Rapidshare no longer is offering such bonuses. So my credits are ending and I can't keep my files on that host and soon they will be deleted.

No motivation and no money.
Unhappily, I think this blog is walking to the end.



atlee said...

I'm sorry I haven't left a note of thanks and appreciation. I love your blog. I'd really be sorry if it goes away. Your taste mirrors my own, and your postings have brightened many days.

doc said...

That's very sad to hear. I enjoy this blog even if I don't download much.

You could try media fire for hosting the files - I think it's better than rapidshare.

I hope you continue the blog -I'm sure that even if you don't get much feedback there are plenty of people like me who are very grateful to you, albeit silently.

Anonymous said...

No blog like this can have a lot of comments nor can it make its owner very happy. The kind of music you like and post is lovely, but I don't even want to guess what tiny percentage of population actually appreciates it. I've downloaded some stuff, said thanks a couple times, but all under the same general sedated feeling: happy that blogs like yours and others-- with my favorite things in the world, folk and classical music-- exist, but always with a pang of loneliness.

The internet age has brought everything to my fingertips, except erm, safety in numbers. If you can, try to find enjoyment in the music you post, and the reviews you write. That's basically all you can do. And once again, thanks.

Gelkinghe said...

It would be a pity if you stop!

Thanks for posting the Menestriers-files! I was looking for the recordings for years.

marcus said...

I think your blog is very good. I don't understand anything about servers on but I hope you'll upload great music somewhere in the net.

W said...

A sad post on this rainy day...but I know how it feels getting no response from people while your doing something for them.

Your blog is high quality in both form and content and it would be a shame if it were lost.

On my blog, I always link to two filesharing sites to ensure the continued availability of my free products.
This is a lot of work, I know, but it's a good way of sharing.

Anyway, your blog has helped me to folk myself and
I'm very thankful for that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work. While people don't always say thanks, it is always appreciated. I do hope you find a way to carry on.

Angus said...

Your blog is nothing short of inspirational. I even went and bought Penguin Eggs! And the Scandinavian stuff... awesome. Let me give you a Bert Jansch collection I put together:


I posted a blurb about it on my blog:


Going forward, you can always post about performers and only offer an occasional download option. Maybe some of the older links will go dead - just leave it that way till someone asks for a new link.

You'll figure something out. Thanks a million!

trialuser said...

I can understand that it is annoying to get so less Feedback, but You can see that your blog is very popular if you look to the visitor counter.
I say also too less thanks for your hard work. I hope your blog will hold, and you will go on with this very good blog for Folk Music. I learn many new groups knowing.

Best wishes


Christian said...

bonjour, je comprends ton amertume. J'ai créé un un blog musical, et je constate également que quasiment personne ne dit simplement merci, c'est regrettable, mais cela ne me dérange pas, moi-même je télécharge très souvent sans laisser de message.
je continue pourtant mon blog parce que je mesure le succès aux téléchargements et pas aux remerciements. chaque mois plus de 500 fichiers sont téléchargés (c'est très peu par rapport au tien, certainement),
je commencerai à m'inquiéter quand cela ralentira, et encore, je me dirai que même si parfois quelqu'un y trouve ce qu'il aime, ce blog a une utilité
j'ai abandonné RS depuis le début de l'année, j'utilise Mediafire qui conserve les fichiers, pour l'instant, indéfiniment.
j'ai la chance de ne pas recevoir de spam, j'espère que ça va continuer ;-)
merci pour toute cette musique, et bravo surtout pour le Ménestriers, que j'aime depuis plus de trente ans

hello, I understand your bitterness. I created a musical blog, and I also note that almost nobody says simply thank you, it is regrettable, but that does not disturb me, myself I very often download without leaving message.
I however continue my blog because I measure success with the remote loadings and not with the thanks. each month more than 500 files is downloaded (it is very little compared to the tien, certainly),
I will start to worry me when that slows down, and still, I will think that even if sometimes somebody finds there what he likes, this blog has a utility
I gave up RS since the beginning of the year, I use Mediafire which preserves the files, for the moment, indefinitely.
I have the chance not to receive a spam, I hope that will continue; -)
thank you for all this music, and cheer especially for Ménestriers, which I have liked for more than thirty years

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear this. Music from Brittany is so great but hard to get :/

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, don´t leave please. Many of the recordings included are fabulous.

Private Beach said...

I like your blog and I have left comments here before. Recently you have been featuring less British folk, and I just don't have time to get to know every folk performer in the world, but what you do is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, please go on !!!
Thanks for your work in the last years !!!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. I'll really miss you Crimson King

I've really loved the music I've got from you. Sorry not to have shown my appreciation before

Anonymous said...

Gracias por la música.

Vítor said...

Your blog has allowed me to meet wonderful music and musicians. It would be very sad to see this blog die.
Thank you so much for sharing all this great music with us.

flyra said...

i have only left a couple of comments even if i'm regular to the blog.
i can't see it end that way.
i'll be happy to donate if you put a paypal button somewhere in your blog.
i ask you to reconsider and, of course, change host.

Mal said...

Guilty as charged I'm afraid, I frequently forget to say thanks, so THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL MUSIC YOU SHARE WITH US.
And for the time you take to share it.

Higginsweorx said...

If it's walking to its end, may it be a very long and happy walk!. ;)

(Wasn't propely logged in earlier...I certainly do not wish to spam :P )


ibbers said...


crap, i feel quite bad. i rarely leave comments... but i love your blog, only found it last year, but always have a look for the interesting stuff you post up. I'd say the last X number of playlists I've loaded onto my phone have had at least one Rum track.

You put up some beautiful stuff, and it'd be sad to see you go, understandable as it might be.

cheers for the joy :)

Arie said...

I really like your blog and I always talk about it as a reference in Folk music. I'm from Brazil and I've discovered many good songs here. I hope you keep maintaining this blog!
And, for now, I will comment on every album I donwload. I've already started sending messages on two of them: Saudade (Luar na Lubre) and Prisme (Annbjørg Lien).

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks for all the words, folks!

Pagan said...

I also love your blog, there are not many folk blogs out there so it would be sad if this one would go. To tell you the truth this is my number 1 source for folk music :) Maybe you could add some affiliate advertising for Amazon? You and the artists would benefit from it. Spam is a big problem, my site www.paganroots.net also suffered from it... :(

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks, buddy! Really!

Ric said...

I am one of those who have downloaded files and rarely left a comment. Saying that I didn't do it for lacking time would be a pretty shallow excuse. Shame on me.
Writing a 'thank you' note is the least any of us could do to show some appreciation for the time and effort you dedicate in maintaining this blog, making true music jewels available to everyone, free of charge.
For all the wonderful music you have made available through this blog, thank you so much.
All the best to you and your loved ones.

Captain Cranberry said...

Thanks for Angelo Branduardi, Nic Jones , and other really good music you posted. Your blog became one of my guides in the world of music. I`ve never left comments because English is not a language I used to speak and write.

drizzz said...

I rarely download from your site but check in regularly. It's good to know its there and I have downloaded some wonderful things. Hope you stay around, you have one of the classiest sites on the web!

drizzz said...

PS- Thank you very much!

ghera said...

I like your blog, it is very good and interesting, I'm sorry I have not left a message with my thanks, please go on.

Anonymous said...

I've only discovered your blog a couple of months ago and I'm afraid I haven't said thanks for all your hard work and your sharing all your knowledge and enthusiasm and music. I'm sorry for that!

But I really have been very grateful. Thank you so much! I hope you continue this somehow....

Mogambo said...

A lot of people, like me, feel foolish writing random comments. Just silliness maybe, but hey, that's what the English are like and I'm sure we're not the only ones....

Thinking "This is great! If only i was the type of person who made good-natured comments...!"

Ah well, let's hope these comments help at least let you know you're appreciated, whatever goes on with the blog.

Not only do you post fascinating music i've never seen anywhere else, i just can't resist the name....

For years my folk-related playlists have been called things like "Folk You!" and "Folk Me Backwards!" so i appreciate on multiple levels... maybe shallow ones...

Peace out, have fun, and... uh... how

mike said...

Thanks for your efforts!
I hope you re-consider & keep this blog going, it's too valuable and your efforts are quite commendable.

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue! If not, thanks for all the work so far.

Anonymous said...

This is the best music blog I have ever come across. Please continue. Sorry I have not posted before to thank you and show my appreciation.

Duncan said...

As with many others, I regret not thanking you enough for your labor of love and your sharing of the music that I love the best.
Re: Rapidshare...I have an account with them and have been very unhappy with their change of direction.
I would suggest looking at Hotfile and seeing if they would be a possibility, have had much better luck with them.
Would you consider a small subscription fee annually to help you keep the blog open? I would be open to helping with that.
In any case, many, many thanks and I do hope you can keep the blog alive.

mike said...

I just downloaded all of the Les Menestriers, Sileas, and Magpie Lane recording over the past few days,and I really must say to you THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
It will be a shame if your blog comes to an end; I for one appreciate it very much, and only discovered it a month or so ago...I encourage you to keep it up, but if it comes to an end I will understand.
Your BRAIN DAMAGE Blog is very interesting as well! I am more of a Progressive Rock fan, so it was nice to see that you like prog musics as well.
I hope you continue the good work!

musicman3 said...

I, too, have been guilty of not leaving comments when I have visited your site. Your's is one of the best folk music blogs I have encountered and I am very grateful to you for all the good music I have learned of from you. I hope that you will find a way to keep the site up and running.

In any case here is a belated thank you for your work

Wally said...

I can only echo the comments of others. I feel so guilty. You have introduced me to so much good music that I would otherwise never have known existed.
I hope you do decide to continue. If so I will certainly comment more often. I would also be happy to contribute to your costs.
If you don't then all I can say is thank-you for all the joy you have brought me.
Cheers, Wally

Anonymous said...

Hey CK - I'm one of those who dont comment much anywhere but I have appreciated! Its ok if you shut down, as this is hard work, but its worth saying that your efforts have very much been appreciated over the years! Wonderful stuff mate.
Pilgrim Jake

Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend for all "FOLK YOURSELF" catalogue. Thank you for all your work ;-). Please keep this blog online. Some folkmusic fans, like me, will say thank you for ever.
With my best regards.
Linda S.

Franck de Paris said...

Hi CrimsonKing!

Don't let the blues replace your folk! ;-)

OK, that's not funny, and I understand what it can be to spend many hours to make a good blog live, and to get spam and silly messages in return.

Naturally, do what's the best for you, but thank you 1000 times for this blog I discovered a few days ago, and for the musics and groups you make us discover, for the rarities you share!

Don't forget that rapidshare is not the only file host in the world, many other hosts and solution exist, and don't hesitate to ask for some cooperation, for example help for file reposting when links die...

And you don't even have a request list, like some others do on their blog, where they explain which musics they are looking for. Maybe by doing that, you will see that there is not only spammers and selfish surfers, but also nice guys able to share music and friendliness.

Whatever you decide: Vive CrimsonKing!

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you all for the nice words.

Anonymous said...

Would be very sad to see this one go.

There are just a few music blogs that I come back to regularly in the knowledge that what's new is going to be close to my taste.

Apologies for not posting before - sometimes it can take a while between finding and listening, but feel assured that what I've heard so far has been of excellent taste!

osel said...

i hope that you decide in another way.....your blod is precious

Anonymous said...

Please don't shut this blog down! I've just discovered it and the music I've downloaded so far is absolutely amazing! I am looking forward to listening a lot more of this...

Anonymous said...

As you can see, a lot of appreciation here!
I know, many of us took things for granted... didnt leave a message or a thank you, but as you can tell by now, that didnt mean at all there was no appreciation, on the contrary. you have been the guiding path for many of us to the beauty of folk music. I for one, havent left a message or a comment simply because Im new to the genre and Im not sure what to discuss or to add, but i also downloaded a lot and appreciated even more.
As many pointed out, there are many other better solutions (mediafire and many others... check relevant reviews) that could help you go on. and I hope you do, Im a regular here, and it would sadden me to see your post go.

All my best and thanks for all the wonderful music you have posted throughout time!

AYBABTU said...

Your blog is greatness and its allowed me to share this wonderful music with my children. We even go to folkinfo and find older original versions of songs to play or sing together. Sorry we've been so quiet, you've given us many days of fun. Thank you!


Robin said...

I guess i'm guilty as charged. I read your blog at work, usually in a rush. May I say many thanks for a wonderful and unique selection of music.

CrimsonKing said...

I read , one by one, all the comments.
Thank you to all people.

Mastranto said...

Como creador de otro blog musical entiendo perfectamente los sentimientos que te invaden y la amargura que estos producen. En ocasiones me veo invadido por lo mismo.
Mis sentimientos son de tristeza por la decisión que piensas tomar, te invitaría a que antes de decirnos adios pensaras en otras salidas a los argumentos que expones aun que comprendo que todo lo que comienza tiene que tener su fin. De todas maneras y a pesar de la decisión que tomes, gracias, muchas gracias por dedicarnos tu tiempo y tu ilusión durante estos cuatro años.

Saludos cordiales

Franck de Paris said...

That's me, again ;-)

I imagine the solitude of the marathon runner, when one creates a blog and make it live, alone, through the years and despite all troubles, by giving much and getting... not exactly as much ;-)

I surf on blogs since not long ago, and I see many blog owners who attempt the adventure alone, and reach one day or another these bitter moments. Did you already think about sharing your blog with a good and trusted fellow? I've managed some forums, and if I could do what I did, it was often because I had a staff with me and good friends at my sides to face the worst moments.

Naturally beware: when one asks for help, the firsts who come to your rescue can also be f^cking bastards who want to take advantage of a situation more than to collaborate.

Whatever, this blog is a good one, there MUST be a way to go on, with enthusiasm, and without being disturbed by the poor minded guys who bugged you.

But naturally, I'm not trying to influence you, I'm just saying what I think ;-)


ad said...

Great music - timeless and priceless.
Offering this beauty in itself feels like a natural act of gratitude for having received all this wealth.
And others appreciate in their turn, by stumbling upon your blog, the same inspiration you experienced.
So please, feel free to enjoy and share what you value.

Mike Bass said...

Ditto and double ditto.

Anonymous said...

Crimson King

Sorry for not always leaving a comment, but you can´t go away! Your blog is one of the best. We can´t loose such good taste as yours.
Be still, go on and...

... let the Sound be with you

I wish you all the best and the warmest regards, sure that you will be here next time I pass by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson King - this is a great blog - just found it. I have some Lunasa, Milladoiro and Kornog and the like - but you have a rich vein of music here.

Fantastic & Thanks


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