Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi folks.

I have good news for all. 
I invited a great folk specialist to join to Folk Yourself.
His nick is Matty Groves and his knowledge about folk style is very impressive.
Together, Matty and I will try to further the work on this old blog.




Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Welcome!

graaf24 said...

Good news indeed! 2 thumbs up!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best news I heard this month!

Goodluck for both of you and we are all looking forward to the next entries.


Anonymous said...

These are some great news! It's very nice to know you will keep blogging. Your blog opened the doors of real folk music to me.


Mannelig said...

I've been discovering and enjoying unsuspected worlds, since I found this place. Thanks a lot and welcome to good news.

dedalos said...

Hello C.King & Matty
My name is Spiros, musician & composer of psychedelic folk music.
I found your great website by chance while surfing on the net, and thought to send you this mail.
Since now I have made 2 private vinyl issues. The first is a single called "Dedalos" (Daedalus) from 1996, limited in 500 cps, but released in 2004 (because of army obligation), and the second is an LP called "Ta Paichnidia Tou Iliou" (Tricks fo the Sun), recorded in 2007 (rel.2009) is a project where I played all instruments and effects and did the most of the remix, limited in 300cps.

For any interest & sound samples
My website is :

Keep up this amazing site!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

This sounds very interesting! I thought you've been doing a great job so if you're this enthusiastic about this I can't wait.

Deep River

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lúnasa stuff, which turns out to be an interesting find.

Angus said...

Nice - good news, that! I'd tell Matty he should avoid Lord Donald at all costs, but he probably already heard the news from Sandy Denny. (A little Liege & Lief humor...)

blue said...

thanks so much & appreciated for all yr sharing!

atlee said...

Wonderful! Maintaining such a site is lots of work, so having a partner is good. You have done such a great job, Crimson King! I was sad at the prospect of losing you.

Higginsweorx said...

"And when his blog was almost done
he cast his eyes about.
And there he saw little Matty Groves
walking in the crowd "

It's great you've got some help. Good news for folk and Folk everywhere!. :)

trialuser said...

Thanks for this great news. I wish Matty a good start. This is a very good source for folk music. :)

Thanks in advance


Matty said...

many thanks. I hope I will be useful.
P.S. This is a good question whom I should avoid more - Lord Donald or his frivolous wife :)

Anonymous said...

Merci vielmals great news !

goldnata said...


I want to use this opportunity to deeply thank you for bringing into my world new wonderful folk music such as Fernhill, Fluxus etc.

So happy to hear that you won't be leaving us. :-)

And cheers to Matty Groves too!

Twil said...

Good news, I was devastated when I thought it was no more!


flyra said...

i'm ready to folk myself to death!

Duncan said...

Great news! Thank you for your ongoing good work of keeping the music alive.
If I had three thumbs instead of two, all would be up!!

David "Discipline" said...

Wonderful news!
This is "The Blog" and should never be plugged off.
Keep bringing us these fantastic bands we'll never know but by your hands.
Long live Folk Yourself Blog!

Anonymous said...

Excellent decision.
Keep on folking :)

Arie said...

I don't know him, but as I didn't know you as well before come to this blog, and now that I know I like, probably I will like him too. :-)

Gonzo said...

Commenting on blogs often falls to a few regulars, blog readers that have something meaningful to say, the rest you can ignore I find. One sensible comment makes it all worth it, two or more and you know you got it right. I know not of "Matty" his interests or past reputation in the folk world, only the song! I welcome his addition and wait with interest to check his input. By the way is that original Blowzabella album from me or a different rip?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Matty! Just to be on the safe side, I'd avoid both the Lord and his Lady!

Seriously, this is very good news--this is a blog that would be very sorely missed. CrimsonKing, you do a great job here, and it's wonderful that you will now have some help in what must be a time-consuming process.

Best wishes and keep up the good work--as you have seen from the recent responses, it is very much appreciated!


ad said...

Good idea, CK, to get reliable support for your work - it's definitely worth it! Glad this source will continue.
May I use this occasion for a request?
Some work of Kirsten Braten-Berg (esp. Min kvedarlund, 1993)would really be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

fantastic news, thanks for your Work!

Anonymous said...

welcome to you Matty Groves...
I'm a great Fairport Fan, and so your nick sounds good to me...

Thanks to Crimson King for all the past, present and a-coming sharing job. Goodluck for both of you, and keep on folkin'...

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