Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bagad De Lann-Bihoué "55 ans" (Bretagne 2007) @flac

01. SON AR PONEY (3:12)
02. SIX TEMPS EN L 'AIR (3:48)
03. DANS PLINN (3:54)
09. DESAGORE (5:15)
12. BALEU (2:05)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spud - A Happy Handful (Ireland 1975) @256 - Vinyl rip

Spud released 2 albums on the Philips record label - their 1975 debut 'A Silk Purse' and 'The Happy Handful' (also in 1975). With these two albums already under their belt, the band brought in Paul McGuinness to manage the band. Paul did his first record deal with Sonet which resulted in the release of Spud's third album, 'Smoking on The Bog', in 1978. The band toured for over 8 years and all the ex-members still play.

01 - A Sailors Wife {Knox, Smith}
02 - Twa Corbies {Trad. arr. Spud}
03 - Madrigillicuddy {Kenny}
04 - He Rolled Her to the Wall {Trad. arr. Spud}
05 - Deire Taobh Ahaon {Trad. arr. Spud}
06 - Whip Jamboree {Trad. arr. Spud}
07 - Down by the Glenside {Trad. arr. Spud}
08 - Finders Favourites {Trad. arr. Spud}
09 - All the Dancing Ladies {Kenny}
10 - The Wild Rover {Trad. arr. Spud}

Dermot O’Connor - guitars, vocals
Don Knox - fiddle
Austin Kenny - mandolin, 5-string banjo, recorders
Michael Smith aka 'Smithy' - bass guitar


Monday, October 18, 2010

Spud - A Silk Purse (Ireland 1975) @320 - Vinyl rip

Spud released 2 albums on the Philips record label - their 1975 debut 'A Silk Purse' and 'The Happy Handful' (also in 1975). With these two albums already under their belt, the band brought in Paul McGuinness (an old Trinity friend of Don Knox) to manage the band. Paul McGuinness (who later went on to wealth and fame as U2's manager) did his first record deal with Sonet which resulted in the release of Spud's third album, 'Smoking on The Bog', in 1978. The band toured for over 8 years and all the ex-members still play. -Irish Rockers-

01 - Tenpenny Piece 2:32
02 - Blackleg Miner 3:33
03 - Brisk Young Widow 3:18
04 - Open The Door Softley 6:03
05 - For The Love Of Sarah Gilder 5:04
06 - Lucan Dairy 1:17
07 - Wind In The Willows 5:10
08 - Brian Borus March 4:53
09 - Crow On The Cradle 4:21
10 - Nancy Brown 3:32
11 - Newry Highwayman 4:08
12 - A Sows Ear 5:50

Dermot O’Connor - guitars, vocals
Don Knox - fiddle
Austin Kenny - mandolin, 5-string banjo, recorders
Michael Smith aka 'Smithy' - bass guitar


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marthe Vassallo, Nolùen Le Buhé, Patrick Marie, Mathieu Hamon - Gwerzioù et Chants de Haute Voix (France 1993) @320

This album has now historical-documentary value - not to mention the musical quality! 
Commendably, gave Keltia MUSIQUE and the channel France 3 Ouest participating, then still very young singers in 1993 the possibility under the artistic direction of Erik MARCHAND an album of traditional Breton songs (gwerzioù and sonioù) record.

The fact that this decision was the right one, shows that they now include all 4 to the cream of the Breton Gesangsszene. 
Marthe Vassallo is currently on the CD of Leoned case to hear Nolùen Le Buhé has released the end of 1999 an exquisite CD at COOP BREIZH: "KOMZ A RAER DIN ... " , Mathieu HAMON is last on the new CD of Roland BROU been heard. 
One CD for anyone interested in Breton singing tradition and the present generation of Breton musicians - and apart from full of beautiful melodies that only à capella be carried forward. 

1. Da gregiñ ganti/Le mal de dents 3:16
2. Son ar mezvier 3:17
3. Erwanig al Lintier 12:17
4. La mort de l'amante 3:49
5. Frañsez 5:31
6. Ar c'haz bihan rouz 2:32
7. Al lutun 3:12
8. Piv a za ganin d'ar vro uhel 2:53
9. À ta santé cher camarade 3:02
10. Mil mallac'h Toue 5:06
11. An aotroù a Benn ar Pont 4:57
12. Son an dreitourez 3:54
13. La bergère muette 3:08

Mathieu Hamon: chant
Nolùen Le Buhé: chant
Patrick Marie: chant
Marthe Vassallo: chant

Roland Becker "Monsieur Kerbec Et Ses Belouzes" (France 2004) @ 320

Weird album by sax player Roland Becker fusing old-time sounding jazz with Breton music. In the beginning I was put off by a sound a bit, but album grew in nicely.

1. In The Gav'Hot
2. Le Pachpi D'Henri
3. Un Armoricain A Paris
4. The Midnight Whistler
5. Gavotenn Circus
6. L'Héitière De Keroulas (Romance Bretonne)r
7. La Gavotte, Le Jazz Et La Java
8. Le Doux Secret De Monsieur Hénaff
9. Fanch Ragtime N°5
10. Monsieur Kerbec
11. De Pont-Aven A Casablanca
12. Belle-Ile 1937
13. Microsillon Tradicomique
14. Le Triomphe De Tête De Cuir

violon, violon Stroh
accordéon chromatique
Cédric LE GOFF
piano, orgue Hammond
Dominique LE BOZEC
jâse, batterie, clarinette
Célia BEST, stripteaseuse
François CAIGNEC, trombone
Philippe GLOAGUEN, guitare
Gaby KERDONCUFF, chant
Philippe LEGRIS, tuba
Frédéric LEMAIRE, trompette
Youenn LOREC, violon
Gaston LORHO, bandonéon
Claude NADEAU, chant
Marthe VASSALLO, chant
et autres faiseurs de bruit...

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Mireille Ben Ensemble "Miniatures" (Italy-2006) @ 320

Solo release from Lyonesse founder Mireille Ben - French singer, living in Italy issued in 2006 by Ethnosuoni Folk Club.

1. Le deuil d'amour
(Trad. Bourbonnais - Barbillat et Touraine)
2. L'oiseau mis en cage / Par un beau jour / Anniversaire
(Trad. Morvan - A. Millien / Trad. Nivernais - Barbillat et Touraine / G. Coltri)
3. Au pays de Lérida
4. Les douze mois de l'année
(Trad. Anjou)
5. Le maître de la maison
(Trad. Alsace)
6. Mazurka de Lanternaire
(Trad. Auvergne)
7. C'est sur le pont de Lyon
(Trad. Savoie - C. Servettaz)
8. Le conseil de guerre
(Trad. Vendée)
9. Dedans Lullion
(Trad. Louisiane)
10. Belle jardinière du roi
(Trad. Bretagne)
11. La boulangère
(Trad. Auvergne)

Mireille Ben: voce
Oliviero Biella: chitarra
Gabriele Coltri: cornamuse del centro Francia, clarinetto
Claudia Klinzing: violino, sega musicale, voce
Gianbattista Piantoni: batteria
Alfredo Savoldelli: contrabbasso, basso elettrico

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jean Le Meut "Pe yuvankiz kuhet - Traditional Songs from Brittany" (Bretagne 1994) @320

Jean Le Meut, a simple farmer and a master of his craft, is one of Brittany’s finest traditional singers. This album is a long-awaited tribute ot the Vannes musical tradition (fr0m Celtic Music USA)

1. Komz e hrer dein a ziméein
2. Disul vitin, a pe sauen
3. Er jouis
4. Deit-hu genein, plahig yuvank
5. M'em boe-me choejet un dous
6. E parrez kervignac
7. A pe oen-me yuvank
8. A pe oen-me goasig yuvank
9. En oed a drihueh vlé
10. Mandal
11. Ha tri galand ag ur memb ker
12. Paotred yuvank er ger-men

New Member

Good news for our blog!
My old russian friend Yojik is joining with us.
With him on our team, you can expect good and rare folk albums!
I think, we are walking to be the best Folk blog on the net :)))

Be welcome Yojik!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sari Kaasinen & Otawa - Mie kun (Finland 2006) @192

Member of Värttinä

Requested by Joan

01 - Vielä Mie Laulan
02 - Neuvoeli Emonen
03 - En Mie Olis´ Muuten Itkeny
04 - Liitäisin
05 - Voi Mie
06 - Huoli
07 - Miull´ On Huone Huolta Täynnä
08 - Kyll´ Sen Näkkee
09 - Mie Kun
10 - Äitimaa
11 - Murhe
12 - Korppi

Sari Kaasinen: vocals
Jussi Kaasinen: mandolins
Karoline Kantelinen: vocals
Jukka Kyllonen: percussion and vocals
Tero Palo: bass
Raisa Day: violin and bowed
Markus Rantanen: stringed instruments and vocals
Laura Ranger: accordion


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Le Vent Du Nord - La Part Du Feu (Canada 2009) @192

Requested by trialuser, our Rapids contributor.
Thanks a lot trialuser!

Original posted by oberon at metamorpheusmp3
Thank you oberon!

The Quebec folk scene isn't a youngster any more, but it's still full of very vital energy, tempered with skill and a lot more sophistication, as the new disc by one of the region's top bands shows. There's plenty here to please longtime fans, in the instrumentals, with some wonderful playing, and the songs, many traditional, and some original. The quartet (plus guests) wheel freely through it all. By now they've developed into a superb, tight unit, but one which so obviously enjoys the music.
They do what they do, and it very well, but they do stretch boundaries a
bit on "Rossignolet," which is gloriously atmospheric, almost as if they'd been produced by Daniel Lanois, and, because it stands out so much, is possibly the best thing here. But, truthfully, the album is a series of highlights, with the songs possibly coming out ahead of the instrumentals, although "Mamzelle Kennedy" is an excellent piece of work. This is a band that's confident enough to add to the tradition, and become vital in moving it on.

01 - Lanlaire
02 - Octobre 1837
03 - La Mine
04 - Petit Rêve V
05 - Mamzelle Kenedy
06 - Les Métiers
07 - Élise
08 - Le Coeur En Trois
09 - Rossignolet
10 - Montcalm
11 - L'attente
12 - Le Cavalier Et La Belle/Reel A Kerri
13 - Écris-Moi

Simon BEAUDRY: Vocals/voix, Bouzouki, Guitare
Nicolas BOULERICE: Vocals/voix, Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Piano
Réjean BRUNET: Guitare basse, Accordéon, Accordéon diatonique
Olivier DEMERS: Violon, Guitare, Percussion
Michel BORDELEAU: Violon, Mandoline (5,11)
Jean-François BRANCHAUD: Violon (8)
André BRUNET: Violon (8)
GRÜV'N BRASS: Saxophone, Trompette, Trombone
Patrick GRAHAM: Percussion (2,3,7)


Le Vent Du Nord - Dans Les Airs (Canada 2007) @320

Requested by trialuser, our Rapids contributor.
Thanks a lot trialuser!

Original posted by
oberon at metamorpheusmp3

Thank you oberon!

Peek in a kitchen window on a Saturday night in some Quebec  villages, and you’ll see French, Irish, and Native American roots intertwine. You’ll hear the sound of a land where instruments were once scarce, the mouth music and foot tapping that makes Quebecois music unique. You may glimpse a later arrival, too: the button accordion that an enterprising 19th-century potato company helped spread across rural Canada. And, of course, you’ll see locals singing their favorite songs, drinking, flirting, dancing, and doing what for centuries Quebecois have been famous for: having a contagiously good time.

Le Vent du Nord, a young quartet of singers and multi-instrumentalists, captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen, infusing old Quebec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. Their latest album, Dans les airs, meshes old songs they learned from the forgotten songkeepers of French Canada—including a school janitor on Cape Breton—with their own reels and tunes inspired by family traditions and the sounds of Ireland, Scotland, and medieval France. It’s a Saturday night get-together with a gently modern twist.

01 - Rosette
02 - La Piastre Des États
03 - La Veillée Chez Poirier
04 - La Traversée
05 - Tour À Bois
06 - Le Vieux Cheval
07 - Petit Rêve III
08 - Les Larmes Aux Yeux
09 - La Beauté Du Mariage
10 - Du Labrador À Montmagny
11 - Le Berger
12 - L'heure Bleue
13 - La Fille Et Les Dragons

Simon BEAUDRY: Vocals/voix, Guitare
Nicolas BOULERICE: Vocals/voix, Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Piano
Réjean BRUNET: Vocals/voix, Basse acoustique, Accordéon diatonique
Olivier DEMERS: Violon, Foot-tapping, Mandoline
Pierre-Luc DUPUIS: Harmonica
Michel BORDELEAU: Caisse claire


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Värttinä - Live In Helsinki (Finland 2001) @320

Requested by "WF", our Rapid contributor.
Thank you "WF"! :)

Live, Värttinä  is quite an experience, at least judging from this disc, recorded in the band's homeland in 2000. The group's studio albums give no indication of the wild live performances of Finland's favorites. At the band's heart, as always, are the vocals of the four singers, who can growl like spirits released from hell, wail like banshees out to claim souls, and then turn into angelic souls harmonizing on a cappella tracks like "Käppee." The singers trade lines back and forth at hypnotic speed while the band behind them, consisting of wonderfully seasoned musicians under the leadership of fiddler Kari Reiman, frames the songs with stop-on-a-dime precision. And it's all done with the kind of style that isn't fashion, but pure taste.

Värttinä  has set the standard for new Finnish music, working from the tradition to create something that's rooted but new, and the bandmembers have established themselves as leaders of modern Finnish folk. The enhanced CD includes a video of "Aijö," the record's devilish opening track, which makes for fabulous viewing to complement the listening experience. From the extended applause and two encores that close the album, it's clear that Värttinä enjoys goddess status at home -- and on the basis of Live in Helsinki, it's easy to understand why.

01 - Äijö (Antto Varilo / Kirsi Käkhönen) – 4:54
02 - Viikon vaivane (traditional / Sari Kaasinen) – 4:17
03 - Käppee (M. Kaasinen) – 2:26
04 - Hoptsoi (Kari Reiman) – 3:08
05 - Meri (K. Reiman / Sirpa Reiman) – 5:33
06 - Liigua (Susan Aho) – 5:23
07 - Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta (trad.) – 4:43
08 - Pihi neito (trad. / S. Kaasinen) – 3:24
09 - Mie tahon tanssia (Janne Lappalainen / S. Kaasinen) – 3:18
10 - Laulutyttö (K. Reiman / S. Reiman) – 3:05
11 - Outona omilla mailla (K. Reiman / S. Reiman) – 3:14
12 - Ukko Lumi (trad.) – 3:24
13 - Seelinnikoi (trad. / S. Kaasinen) – 3:18
14 - Vot i kaalina (trad.) – 3:0

Susan Aho - vocals, percussion
Mari Kaasinen - vocals
Kirsi Kähkönen - vocals
Riikka Timonen - vocals
Janne Lappalainen - bouzouki, saxophone
Markku Lepistö - accordion
Pekka Lehti - double bass
Kari Reiman - violin
Marko Timonen - drums, percussion
Antto Varilo - guitars


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bleizi Ruz "An teuz" (2001-France/Bretagne) @ 320

01 - Binioudéac  3:22
02 - Baleudéac  2:43
03 - Binioudéac 2  3:07
04 - The Crow  4:46
05 - Tournez, Tournez Done  4:12
06 - An Teuz  4:15
07 - Ar C'hoat  2:30
08 - An Teuz 2  3:30
09 - Seven  3:43
10 - Son Ar Bleizi  3:54
11 - Plinn Ar Sizun 1  3:20
12 - Bal Ar Sizun  1:27
13 - Plinn Ar Sizun 2  5:47

Gaël Nicol: Bagpipes [Binioù Coz], Bombarde, Choir
Mikaël Seznec: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Choir
Herri Loquet: Drums, Goblet Drum [Derbouka], Djembe, Udu, Snare [Caisse Claire Écossaise]

David Hopkins (2): Bodhrán, Karkabas [Krakebs], Vocals
Celestino Lopez: Congas [Tumbadoras]
Jean-Luc Roudaut: Vocals
Eric Liorzou: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [Tres], Mandola, E-Bow, Frame Drum [Tambour], Vocals
Christian Sarrau: Saxophone, Choir

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