Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear friends,

My amount of Rapids (Rapids are the virtual currency which has been RapidShare is developed) is valid until the end of this month.
After that I will not be able to continue paying the Rapidshare service.
For new posts I can host them in other free services, but the problem is that all the current albums are posted in Rapidshare.
Once my account is closed, the files will be deleted.
Therefore it would be interesting to continue with my account on Rapidshare.

Readers who have, like me, a Rapidshare account, can send me Rapids as a donation.
For one month, the value is 495 Rapids (1 Rapid is worth Approximately 1 Cent (euro cents) or 0.01 euro).
If enough people contribute with a little quantity of Rapids, I can keep this blog with all its contents.
Those who contribute by sending 50 or more rapids, you can choose 2 albums on my list to upload, which will be posted immediately.
For to do it, when sending the rapids, put the user name (or blog-nickname) and the names of the albums you want.

For those friends who find this interesting form of aid, see below how to help:

1) Log into your Rapidshare account.
2) In the left column of your screen locate the item "Send Rapids to a friend!"

3) A window will appear to type my public ID.
Copy and paste this code: 4912EB6BF1EB1D3ACCC26EFA6B129FA8
4) for those who want to contribute more than 50 Rapids, is allowed to send a message to me.
Put in the message, your nickname and ask to upload two albums.

Maybe this way, with everyone's help, we can continue with this old blog for a long time.



ricisicisnightmare said...

Again it shows why Rapidsuck is truly Rapidfuck. I'm sorry, i can't help you at all as i have stayed away from this crappy provider myself for years. I hope they go under soon.

zeporro said...

I'm sorry friend, I have a Rapidshare account but I have no Rapids and I have not used precisely for this bad run.
I use Megaupload, a Free Account and it works pretty well.
I hope someone can send Rapids to not lose as much work done on the blog.
a big hello, friend.

wf said...

hi CrimsonKing,
i would be glad to give away 300 rapids, but it says: "invalid characters in message". have gone for Rapidshare support. btw: in my view, RS isn't that bad guy they say ...

Anonymous said...

Hi there - yesterday I've spent 165 Rapids (sorry I'm a poor man, can't spend more) and I hope many others will follow...

You made & make a great job!

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you to wf and thanks to Anonymous!
Your contribution are very valuable!
And thanks for all friends that sent me yours Rapids!
Many friends have contributed, but not left a comment here.


trialuser said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

I have two wishes: Group: Le Vent Du Nord: Album: Dans les airs
and Le Vent Du Nord:
Album: La Part du Feu

I have spent 500 points

greetz trialuser(123)

CrimsonKing said...

A millions of thanks trialuser!
Your contribution was very important (like the others friends) to make this blog working!

I'm already working in your two (hard to find) requests. Soon they will be posted.

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Got lots of problems sending you rapids. At last it worked. Sent you 150 rapids.
My wish is only one album, if possible: The latest one by Danu called Seanchas.
All the best

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks a lot Klickie!!!!
Excellent contribution!
I'm going to post it for you today!


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