Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jean Le Meut "Pe yuvankiz kuhet - Traditional Songs from Brittany" (Bretagne 1994) @320

Jean Le Meut, a simple farmer and a master of his craft, is one of Brittany’s finest traditional singers. This album is a long-awaited tribute ot the Vannes musical tradition (fr0m Celtic Music USA)

1. Komz e hrer dein a ziméein
2. Disul vitin, a pe sauen
3. Er jouis
4. Deit-hu genein, plahig yuvank
5. M'em boe-me choejet un dous
6. E parrez kervignac
7. A pe oen-me yuvank
8. A pe oen-me goasig yuvank
9. En oed a drihueh vlé
10. Mandal
11. Ha tri galand ag ur memb ker
12. Paotred yuvank er ger-men


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, but the link is dead - how about re-uploading to another hoster? It's a pity that most of the Brittany postings are unavailable. A re-up would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The server isn't avaible. Can you resend on an other server please ?

CrimsonKing said...


Traditional Songs from Brittany

Anonymous said...

Thank you

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