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Le Vent Du Nord - Dans Les Airs (Canada 2007) @320

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Peek in a kitchen window on a Saturday night in some Quebec  villages, and you’ll see French, Irish, and Native American roots intertwine. You’ll hear the sound of a land where instruments were once scarce, the mouth music and foot tapping that makes Quebecois music unique. You may glimpse a later arrival, too: the button accordion that an enterprising 19th-century potato company helped spread across rural Canada. And, of course, you’ll see locals singing their favorite songs, drinking, flirting, dancing, and doing what for centuries Quebecois have been famous for: having a contagiously good time.

Le Vent du Nord, a young quartet of singers and multi-instrumentalists, captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen, infusing old Quebec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. Their latest album, Dans les airs, meshes old songs they learned from the forgotten songkeepers of French Canada—including a school janitor on Cape Breton—with their own reels and tunes inspired by family traditions and the sounds of Ireland, Scotland, and medieval France. It’s a Saturday night get-together with a gently modern twist.

01 - Rosette
02 - La Piastre Des États
03 - La Veillée Chez Poirier
04 - La Traversée
05 - Tour À Bois
06 - Le Vieux Cheval
07 - Petit Rêve III
08 - Les Larmes Aux Yeux
09 - La Beauté Du Mariage
10 - Du Labrador À Montmagny
11 - Le Berger
12 - L'heure Bleue
13 - La Fille Et Les Dragons

Simon BEAUDRY: Vocals/voix, Guitare
Nicolas BOULERICE: Vocals/voix, Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Piano
Réjean BRUNET: Vocals/voix, Basse acoustique, Accordéon diatonique
Olivier DEMERS: Violon, Foot-tapping, Mandoline
Pierre-Luc DUPUIS: Harmonica
Michel BORDELEAU: Caisse claire



Arioso said...

Thanks so much for this post. Such a wonderful album. I never heard this group before. Delightful tunes. A sort of French analogue to traditional Irish music!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

CrimsonKing said...


Dans Les Airs


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