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Le Vent Du Nord - La Part Du Feu (Canada 2009) @192

Requested by trialuser, our Rapids contributor.
Thanks a lot trialuser!

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Thank you oberon!

The Quebec folk scene isn't a youngster any more, but it's still full of very vital energy, tempered with skill and a lot more sophistication, as the new disc by one of the region's top bands shows. There's plenty here to please longtime fans, in the instrumentals, with some wonderful playing, and the songs, many traditional, and some original. The quartet (plus guests) wheel freely through it all. By now they've developed into a superb, tight unit, but one which so obviously enjoys the music.
They do what they do, and it very well, but they do stretch boundaries a
bit on "Rossignolet," which is gloriously atmospheric, almost as if they'd been produced by Daniel Lanois, and, because it stands out so much, is possibly the best thing here. But, truthfully, the album is a series of highlights, with the songs possibly coming out ahead of the instrumentals, although "Mamzelle Kennedy" is an excellent piece of work. This is a band that's confident enough to add to the tradition, and become vital in moving it on.

01 - Lanlaire
02 - Octobre 1837
03 - La Mine
04 - Petit Rêve V
05 - Mamzelle Kenedy
06 - Les Métiers
07 - Élise
08 - Le Coeur En Trois
09 - Rossignolet
10 - Montcalm
11 - L'attente
12 - Le Cavalier Et La Belle/Reel A Kerri
13 - Écris-Moi

Simon BEAUDRY: Vocals/voix, Bouzouki, Guitare
Nicolas BOULERICE: Vocals/voix, Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Piano
Réjean BRUNET: Guitare basse, Accordéon, Accordéon diatonique
Olivier DEMERS: Violon, Guitare, Percussion
Michel BORDELEAU: Violon, Mandoline (5,11)
Jean-François BRANCHAUD: Violon (8)
André BRUNET: Violon (8)
GRÜV'N BRASS: Saxophone, Trompette, Trombone
Patrick GRAHAM: Percussion (2,3,7)



trialuser(123) said...

Thanks so much for fulfilling my request. Didn't thought that this is posssible. Searched a long time for this 2 albums.

greetz trialuser(123)

Ric said...

I've had the chance to see Le Vent Du Nord live in Toronto years ago. Great music, impeccable performance.
Thanks for the posting!

Anonymous said...

Yes. a truly wonderful band from my neck of the woods!
And to think that the Lady Gagas of this world are the ones being talked about.
Oh well!

Arioso said...

Thanks so much for this and the other Le Vent Du Nord post. Such a wonderful album. I never heard this group before. Delightful tunes. A sort of French analogue to traditional Irish music!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I've been searching this for ages! It's simply perfect.

And, I was wondering, may you upload the rest of their discography?

CrimsonKing said...


La Part Du Feu


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