Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marthe Vassallo, Nolùen Le Buhé, Patrick Marie, Mathieu Hamon - Gwerzioù et Chants de Haute Voix (France 1993) @320

This album has now historical-documentary value - not to mention the musical quality! 
Commendably, gave Keltia MUSIQUE and the channel France 3 Ouest participating, then still very young singers in 1993 the possibility under the artistic direction of Erik MARCHAND an album of traditional Breton songs (gwerzioù and sonioù) record.

The fact that this decision was the right one, shows that they now include all 4 to the cream of the Breton Gesangsszene. 
Marthe Vassallo is currently on the CD of Leoned case to hear Nolùen Le Buhé has released the end of 1999 an exquisite CD at COOP BREIZH: "KOMZ A RAER DIN ... " , Mathieu HAMON is last on the new CD of Roland BROU been heard. 
One CD for anyone interested in Breton singing tradition and the present generation of Breton musicians - and apart from full of beautiful melodies that only à capella be carried forward. 

1. Da gregiñ ganti/Le mal de dents 3:16
2. Son ar mezvier 3:17
3. Erwanig al Lintier 12:17
4. La mort de l'amante 3:49
5. Frañsez 5:31
6. Ar c'haz bihan rouz 2:32
7. Al lutun 3:12
8. Piv a za ganin d'ar vro uhel 2:53
9. À ta santé cher camarade 3:02
10. Mil mallac'h Toue 5:06
11. An aotroù a Benn ar Pont 4:57
12. Son an dreitourez 3:54
13. La bergère muette 3:08

Mathieu Hamon: chant
Nolùen Le Buhé: chant
Patrick Marie: chant
Marthe Vassallo: chant


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Gwerzioù et Chants de Haute Voix


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