Friday, October 22, 2010

Spud - A Happy Handful (Ireland 1975) @256 - Vinyl rip

Spud released 2 albums on the Philips record label - their 1975 debut 'A Silk Purse' and 'The Happy Handful' (also in 1975). With these two albums already under their belt, the band brought in Paul McGuinness to manage the band. Paul did his first record deal with Sonet which resulted in the release of Spud's third album, 'Smoking on The Bog', in 1978. The band toured for over 8 years and all the ex-members still play.

01 - A Sailors Wife {Knox, Smith}
02 - Twa Corbies {Trad. arr. Spud}
03 - Madrigillicuddy {Kenny}
04 - He Rolled Her to the Wall {Trad. arr. Spud}
05 - Deire Taobh Ahaon {Trad. arr. Spud}
06 - Whip Jamboree {Trad. arr. Spud}
07 - Down by the Glenside {Trad. arr. Spud}
08 - Finders Favourites {Trad. arr. Spud}
09 - All the Dancing Ladies {Kenny}
10 - The Wild Rover {Trad. arr. Spud}

Dermot O’Connor - guitars, vocals
Don Knox - fiddle
Austin Kenny - mandolin, 5-string banjo, recorders
Michael Smith aka 'Smithy' - bass guitar



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A Happy Handful


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A Happy Handful


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