Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank you to all contributors!
I'm sincerely happy with these good friends :)
I received 2517 Rapids until now!
This is equivalent to 5 months of Rapidshare!
Thank you very much!
This blog is going on!



Heiko said...

Glad to hear it. Unfortunately I can't contribute as I don't have a bank account and therefore no means of paying on-line. Keep up the good work!

wf said...

hi CrimsonKing,
i have just given away with pleasure
300 Rapids to you, but was denied to leave a message ...
my wishes:
Julie Murphy - English Love Songs
Värttinä - Live in Helsinki

CrimsonKing said...

Dear wf.
Thanks a lot for your contribution.
300 Rapids is a donation considerable!

About your requests, search for Julie Murphy in my posts. It was published a long time! On-line and working!
And the Varttina will be posted as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me with Urban Trad-Best Of? Thank you.

CrimsonKing said...

Today I received 1000 more Rapids!
Veeeery thank you to the sender (s)!

Long live to Folk Yourself with the help of friends!


Joan said...

hello CrimsonKing
Thanks for the work that you take for bringing these materials.
I wanted to consult you if you would be able to get Sari Kaasinen discs (original member of Vartttina) with the Ottawa group.
Thank you for attention
A greeting.

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