Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Värttinä - Live In Helsinki (Finland 2001) @320

Requested by "WF", our Rapid contributor.
Thank you "WF"! :)

Live, Värttinä  is quite an experience, at least judging from this disc, recorded in the band's homeland in 2000. The group's studio albums give no indication of the wild live performances of Finland's favorites. At the band's heart, as always, are the vocals of the four singers, who can growl like spirits released from hell, wail like banshees out to claim souls, and then turn into angelic souls harmonizing on a cappella tracks like "Käppee." The singers trade lines back and forth at hypnotic speed while the band behind them, consisting of wonderfully seasoned musicians under the leadership of fiddler Kari Reiman, frames the songs with stop-on-a-dime precision. And it's all done with the kind of style that isn't fashion, but pure taste.

Värttinä  has set the standard for new Finnish music, working from the tradition to create something that's rooted but new, and the bandmembers have established themselves as leaders of modern Finnish folk. The enhanced CD includes a video of "Aijö," the record's devilish opening track, which makes for fabulous viewing to complement the listening experience. From the extended applause and two encores that close the album, it's clear that Värttinä enjoys goddess status at home -- and on the basis of Live in Helsinki, it's easy to understand why.

01 - Äijö (Antto Varilo / Kirsi Käkhönen) – 4:54
02 - Viikon vaivane (traditional / Sari Kaasinen) – 4:17
03 - Käppee (M. Kaasinen) – 2:26
04 - Hoptsoi (Kari Reiman) – 3:08
05 - Meri (K. Reiman / Sirpa Reiman) – 5:33
06 - Liigua (Susan Aho) – 5:23
07 - Kylä vuotti uutta kuuta (trad.) – 4:43
08 - Pihi neito (trad. / S. Kaasinen) – 3:24
09 - Mie tahon tanssia (Janne Lappalainen / S. Kaasinen) – 3:18
10 - Laulutyttö (K. Reiman / S. Reiman) – 3:05
11 - Outona omilla mailla (K. Reiman / S. Reiman) – 3:14
12 - Ukko Lumi (trad.) – 3:24
13 - Seelinnikoi (trad. / S. Kaasinen) – 3:18
14 - Vot i kaalina (trad.) – 3:0

Susan Aho - vocals, percussion
Mari Kaasinen - vocals
Kirsi Kähkönen - vocals
Riikka Timonen - vocals
Janne Lappalainen - bouzouki, saxophone
Markku Lepistö - accordion
Pekka Lehti - double bass
Kari Reiman - violin
Marko Timonen - drums, percussion
Antto Varilo - guitars



CrimsonKing said...

Live In Helsinki


najib said...

thank you KC for all the hard and enriching work!

I was just wondering if you post the mp3 in VBR (V0 for instance) instead of 320CBR? this way it will be still excellent quality (if not better) and yet will be much smaller size wise, very efficient for bandwidth and storage alike.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this blog, while doing a search for current stuff relating to Värttinä. They are indeed an awesome band, one of my favorites in the entire realm of world music!

Awesome blog you have--I think I'll have to bookmark it and keep coming back. World folk music is something I love, so I'm always excited to find more people to discuss it with and learn about new music. :-)

After a short hiatus of a year or two, Värttinä is back doing tours again, I believe--if not internationally, then at least around Finland. And two of the band members are also touring with their other group Kuunkuiskaajat--less devilish, more traditional Finnish folk music. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, love them!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have many Varttina CDs but somehow I missed this one.


Alex said...

I have never heard of them but the description sounds so engaging that I will give it a try. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all !

CrimsonKing said...


Live In Helsinki


Anonymous said...

thank you !

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