Friday, November 12, 2010

Chimera - Obstakel (Netherlands 1981) @256

Their second album, called ‘Obstakel', was recorded shortly after their successful debut album. The atmosphere of this album is different from the first one. The, more or less, acoustic sound was replaced by a rock oriented sound. “Obstakel shows how we developed as a band. Don’t forget, we never intended to become a folk band and we liked several kinds of music. Actually, one of the things we wanted to achieve was to break away from traditional folk music. We started using a synthesizer and drummer Hans de Lange joined us. One of the things we wanted to try was using contemporary lyrics, so we asked the Dutch poet Bertus Aafjes if we could use one of his poems.”

“I do not really think the two albums differ all that much. Our method of working remained the same: we looked for something we liked and familiarized ourselves with it. Although the atmosphere is different because of the synthesizer and drums, we were in fact just developing our ideas. On the A side of Obstakel we play solid folk rock, while on the B side we explore the limits of our possibilities and creativity. We had so many ideas and it seemed as if we were in a hurry to use them all at once.”

During the recording of Obstakel, the band started to write their own lyrics; a new phase in their development. These songs were meant for the third album, which was never recorded. “After Obstakel, we were even more successful. We were asked for many concerts, both in Holland and Germany, and an international tour was our next step. But none of us were professional musicians and we (Bas and Marry) had two young children. So in 1982 we decided that our children came first and we stopped with the band. We gave our last concert at the famous Rotterdam folk festival that same year. It was a hard decision for us to make as we loved what we were doing, but we wanted to take our responsibility as parents.”

01 - De stalknecht
02 - De stinkzwam
03 - De klem
04 - Wachten
05 - De waardin
06 - De laatste brief
07 - La rotta

Ruud Schotting: Electric Bass
Kees Mook: Violin
Bas Verkade: Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer 
Koos Leezer: Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer, Organ [India], Mandolin, Tin Whistle 
Marry Verkade: Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Percussion
Hans de Lange: Drums & percussion



Issi said...

Thanks a lot! ... I really appreciate your blog! Viele Grüße aus Berlin!

scorpioleuven said...

I recently got Uitgevlogen, the last opus of Chimera, directly from bas VERKADE.
It's still so enchanting with Marry's celestial voice

CrimsonKing said...




Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.
Was browsing FY and saw your Chimera posts. I have the first 2 and like them very much And I knew they had made a limited issue cd Uitgevlogen and wanted to ask you if you have it and can post it and look and is mentioned in the commentary above.

And on FY a Chimera live 2011 is mentioned. The entry is gone. Is this the same Chimera or another? If the same is a reup possible?


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