Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ivan Kupala - Kostroma (1999) & Radio Nagra (2002) - [Russia]

Ivan Kupala (Midsummer) is a folk pagan festival dedicated to pagan god Kupala, celebrated in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. Midsummer is an old tradition of celebrating almost the whole of Europe.

Before baptism of Russia celebration was timed to the day of the summer solstice (June 20-22, in the old style of UTC in the III century). After Christianity they began to celebrate the holiday on the birthday of John the Baptist - June 24, old style. With the transition to a new style of date of birth of John the Baptist has moved on 7 July (XX-XXI centuries) as well as the Orthodox Church lives by the old style. According to this fact festival has lost an astronomical solstice line.Ethno-dance-project 'Ivan Kupala' was formed in 1995 as russian copy of "Deep Forest" on basement of authentic slavic folklore.

Three DJs of 'Radio Chance', Sanct-Peterburg, being impressed by the album "Boheme" of "Deep Forest" started to work in the same direction. In a few years they have prepared material for the 1st album. Basis for the album were the folk songs from old vinil discs and recorded during folk-expeditions in the 2nd half of the XX century.

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laura said...

I love this band! Oh wow, I have been wanting this album for a long time. thank you and welcome everyone to the magical world of ivan kupala

Paul said...

I really hope that you can get the "rapids". Having recently moved to the USA, and having no wage, I can't help unfortunately, but good luck!

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