Sunday, November 7, 2010

John Renbourn - The Black Balloon (1979 England) @320

This album is one of John's 'medieval' style albums, with 13th and 16th century pieces mixed with a couple of Renbourn tracks. The songs are all credited as being 'traditional arranged Renbourn' - but at least The Pelican and The Black Balloon are certainly not traditional.
The flute is played by Tony Roberts, the tabors by Stuart Gordon.

01 - The Moon Shines Bright
02 - The English Dance
03 - Bourree I and II
04 - Medley- The Mist Covered Mountains of Home-The Orphan-Tarboulton
05 - The Pelican
06 - The Black Balloon

John Renbourn: guitar
Tony Roberts: flutes
Stuart Gordon: Tabors



Angus said...

Fantastic! Thanks for this and the prior post ("The Enchanted Garden"). Renbourn has so many great albums. Thank you...

CrimsonKing said...

I agree Angus.
I'm planning post a lot of Renbourn's albums here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - As always a brilliant post.

drizzz said...

Thank you! I have several of his albums on vinyl but not this one, it's as good as all the rest. Another one I can highly recommend is Under the Volcano by Renbourn and Stefan Grossman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music - looking forward to listening to more John Renbourn!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for all the Renbourn frum UrKenny

Anonymous said...

A worthy partner for Bert Jansch and later albums continue and expand on Pentangle's work nicely. Many thanks for these!

CrimsonKing said...


The Black Balloon


rintesh said...

Thanks for this post.

Medusa Yuk said...

Many thanks.

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