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John Renbourn - The Hermit (1976 England) 2004 Remaster Castle @320

Renbourn's first post-Pentangle (or nearly post-Pentangle) solo album, joined briefly by fellow guitarist Dominique Trepeau and featuring further contributions by John James, is one of his most beautiful recordings, and also among his most spare guitar instrumentals. Some of the material is drawn from lute and harp sources, and it is ear-opening to hear some of the more familiar pieces among the latter (such as "O'Carolan's Concerto") transcribed for guitar, but Renbourn isn't above adapting themes from television commercials, either. The mood of much - though not all - of this record is one of serious introspection, as Renbourn stays generally within a classical guitar mode. He has fun with the material, and the CD booklet also includes musical transcriptions of some of the tunes on the record, for the benefit of Renbourn's fellow guitarists.
- Bruce Eder (AMG)

01 - The Hermit
02 - John's Tune
03 - Goat Island
04 - Old Mac Bladgitt
05 - Faro's Rag
06 - Caroline's Tune (duet with Dominic Trepeau)
07 - Three Pieces By O'Carolan:
     (a) - Lamentation Of Owen Roe O'neil
     (b) - Lord Inchiquin
     (c) - Mrs. Power
08 - The Princess and The Puddings
09 - The Bicycle Tune
10 - Pavanna (Anna Bannana)
11 - Medley:
     (a) - A Toye
     (b) - Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (duet with John James)
Bonus tracks:
12 - Luckett Sunday
13 - New Nothynge (duet with John James)
14 - Luke's Little Summer
15 - Minuet In D Minor (duet with Stefan Grossman)
16 - From The Bridge (duet with John James)

All tracks (1976) except tracks 12, 14 & 16 (1977); track 13 (1985); track 15 (1986)

John Renbourn - Guitars



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The Hermit

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