Friday, November 19, 2010

John Renbourn - Sir John Alot Of Merrie England (1968 England) [2002 Castle Remaster] @320

An instrumental album (originally called Sir John Alot of Merrie England) featuring John Renbourn with his Pentangle bandmate Terry Cox on percussion and Ray Warleigh on flute. Originally released in England in 1968, the same year that Pentangle started to record, Sir John Alot was steeped largely in English folk music. Highlights include "The Trees They Do Grow High" (aka "Long A-Growing"), solo guitar miniatures such as "Lady Goes to Church," the epic "Morgana," with its sharply nuanced tempo and timbre changes, and the sprightly "My Dear Boy." Some parts of this album are surprisingly contemporary sounding, such as the bluesy "Transformation," which sounds like "What'd I Say" transposed for acoustic guitar and African drums; "White Fishes," which veers dangerously close to quoting George Gershwin's "It Ain't Necessarily So" and Rodgers & Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things"; and "Sweet Potato," which sounds like a folk-rock song without words, even as Renbourn quotes "Satisfaction" at one point.

01 - The Earle Of Salisbury
02 - The Trees They Do Grow High
03 - Lady Goes To Church
04 - Morgana
05 - Transfusion
06 - Forty Eight
07 - My Dear Boy
08 - White Fishes
09 - Sweet Potato
10 - Seven up
11 - The Earle Of Salisbury (Alternative Take 4)
12 - Transfusion (Alternative Take 2)
13 - Forty Eight (Alternative Take 1)

John Renbourn: Guitar
Terry Cox: Finger cymbals, African drums, Glockenspiel
Ray Warleigh: Flute



Anonymous said...

Wasn't the original title Sir John Alot of Merrie England's Music Thing and Ye Greene Knighte?

Bit of a mouthful but that's what's on my old vinyl!

CrimsonKing said...

For sure! Is the same album :)

javier perez said...

Que tal
Excelente página de folk. Un pedido si les es posible:
Como Rapidshare es ahora solo premium...puede subir los discos por megaloup? Les agradezco y les felicito por la página

David "Discipline" said...

Thanks a lot for this excellent music.

Ric said...

Another fantastic posting.

Anonymous said...

Cool +10

Ramon F. Wagner said...

Javier is right anyway, Megaupload works much better than Rapidshare. It's really faster and you don't have to wait up to 40 minutes after a download.

CrimsonKing said...

For sure Ramon.
Then you need only pay me a Megaupload account and transfer 480 albums from RS to MU.
Why do people complain rather than do not leave some interesting comments about the album, or at least say thanks?

smiffy said...

Thanks for some great music that I never thought I'd hear again.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, many thanks for sharing all these jewels with us

Danneau said...

Just got sent here from another blog. Mostly do jazz stuff, but I remember Pentangle fondly and have always liked Renbourn's work. This is a real treasure trove, for which I thank you most deeply.

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Danneau!
I love John Renbourn work too.
Great musician :)

miloo2 said...

Very nice blog, CrimsonKing ! Thank you, I am going to follow.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog - found what I've been looking for for a long time! Thank you Crimson King!

Fernando Anselmo said...

Obrigado, ótimo blog :D

CrimsonKing said...


Sir John Alot Of Merrie England


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. making my monday a lot less crappy. great blog as well!

rintesh said...

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much amazing blog thank you so much x

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