Friday, December 10, 2010

Llangres - Esnalar (2005 Spain) @320

Asturias, a mountainous region just east of Galicia along the coast of the Bay of Biscay, is another of the marvels of Iberian culture and music. The quintet Llangres hails from Asturias, and Esnalar ("To Fly"), their second release, demonstrates their unique Asturian take on Celtic music, continuing with a staggering array of instruments, and adding vocalist Esther Fonseca. This addition brings the structure of Esnalar more into the mold of contemporary-traditional Celtic music from the British Isles, with instrumental medleys strategically interspersed with vocal songs.
Esnalar demonstrates growth and development of Llangres' instrumental excellence since their debut recording "Stura." The vocals of Esther Fonseca, while pleasant and competent, are not on the same level as the instrumental performances, but in no sense detract from the enjoyment of the recording.
-Jim Foley-

01 - Peñarrubia
02 - Esnalar
03 - Rio Verde
04 - La Carbonera
05 - La Pastorina
06 - Soscobiu
07 - Carolina
08 - La Inariega
09 - Vientu  d´adios
10 - Rondes
11 - Pasu del Eo
12 - Memoria de los Carbayos

Esther Fonseca: vocals
Yago Prado
: harp, acustic guitar and bass pedal

Viriu Fernández: bodhran
Héctor Braga: mandolin, fiddle and cello
Borja Baragaño: Asturian bagpipe and uilleann pipes
David Martín: flute
Alberto Ablanedo: Bouzouki
Pablo Lato: Bass
Emilio Gutiérrez: Synthesizer
César Monte: Electric Guitar
Carlos Carriles: Backing Vocals
Yoni Iglesias: Drums

Track 01 - Peñarrubia



CrimsonKing said...



Ric said...

That was quite a surprising treat, Celtic music with a kind of Spanish accent.
Excellent posting.
Thanks a bunch!


Vítor said...

Thank you so much CrimsonKing! I think the latter posts are very interesting, Asturian traditional music is the great unknown of the international Celtic scene but in Asturias there're some bands releasing fine albums and performances who are returning to the path opened by Llan de Cubel in the nineties. The music of bands such as Felpeyu, Tejedor, Corquiéu, La Bandina, Verdasca, Xera or Llangres deserve greater international impact.

CrimsonKing said...

Yes, not only from Galicia we have good groups.

Kurt said...

Thanks for the taste. Mighty tighty playing.

Anonymous said...

thank you this is wonderful, one of my favorite regions for folk. Do you have anything by Josep Tero or Uc?
And thanks for Musgana.

CrimsonKing said...

Sorry, I don't.

Design NMD said...

Can you reupload this cd again, please?


CrimsonKing said...

The CD is up and working.

CrimsonKing said...




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