Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Llangres - Stura (2002 Spain) @320

The folk music band Llangres was born in Asturias, a country placed in the north of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), which belongs to the old Celtic countries placed in the Atlantic Finisterres.
In our country a strong and powerful cultural movement in defense of the musical heritage, involving Celtic music, has been growing along this last years. Llangres belongs to this movement, being part of the last generation Celtic music bands.
From its creation in 1999, Llangres has adopted a clear position for the asturian traditional music. Llangres tries to recreate traditional topics. but their aim are their own compositions. Llangres' digest is mainly composed by their own songs and compositions. 

01 - Ca la zarramica
02 - Ca la piesca
03 - Porcía
04 - Deva
05 - Viaxe a Lorient
06 - Castandiello
07 - Stura
08 - Cornamuses
09 - El retornu
10 - Llangres
11 - Señardá

Yago Prado: harp, acustic guitar and bass pedal
Viriu Fernández: bodhran
Héctor Braga: mandolin, fiddle and cello
Borja Baragaño: Asturian bagpipe and uilleann pipes
David Martín: flute

Track 02 -
Ca la piesca



zeporro said...

thank you for this spanish (of Asturias) album.
thanks for our work, greetings.

CrimsonKing said...

Our? :)

Vítor said...

Stura is a nice album, very fine instrumental sets but the songs aren't so pretty. I think Llangres has improved as a band with the arrival of the vocalist Esther Fonseca. You can hear her lovely voice in Llangres's second and third albums.

CrimsonKing said...

I agree with you Vítor :)

zeporro said...

sorry, I meant "your work".
Greetings :)

CrimsonKing said...




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