Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tref - Accordéon Diatonique (2001 Belgium) @192

What happens when three of the best folk accordeonists of Belgium come together in a band? The result is stunning and makes a surprisingly highly enjoyable listen. Either there is a trend in the Flemish scene to start one-instrument bands (see Trio Viool review!), or the one band got inspired by the other...
Tref are Wim Clays (Ambrozijn, Olla Vogala), Didier Lalo (Pantha Rei) and Bruno Le Tron, plus the odd non-accordenist which is Frédéric Malempré on percussion and berimbeau. The music of Tref is pan European, taking a lot of inspiration in Sweden and Norway (where quite a few of their tunes have their origin), along to the influences from France, Flanders and whereever...
Whoever thinks accordeons are boring, get this album, and you will change your mind. Tref's music is inspiring, it is in no way an accordeon orchestra sound, but innovative modern and lively folk music. It is really fun to listen to this CD, a wonderful collection of tunes (trad, self composed and by other musicians) played in a delightful way. The musicians show not only in their music a sense of humour; their sleeve notes are a wonderful funny mixture of Flemish and French (like the notes of "Walsque": Hé wilde met mij in duo spelen? - Oui. Meer inspiratie was er niet nodig voor dit walsque. 'Ce n'est pas du vent.')
A lot of talent, atmosphere, taste - I loved this album.

01. Pasopvoordetrap! (7:23)
02. Walsque (4:02)
03. La croisière jaune (3:26)
04. Sleepy Pål Karl (5:20)
05. Allez, bourrés! (4:29)
06. Scottische en neige (3:42)
07. Ikea-Sofia (6:12)
08. Valse hésitation (2:49)
09. D'ar Gheivh (2:28)
10. La petite Jaune (3:03)

Wim Claeys: Accordéon diatonique
Didier Laloy: Accordéon diatonique
Bruno Le Tron: Accordéon diatonique
Frédéric Malempré: Percussion, batas.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Capercaillie - Sidewaulk (1989 Scotland) @320

The album that brought Capercaillie to international prominence, Sidewaulk must be considered a classic, and a turning point for traditional Celtic music. This is the album that opened up a generation's ears to the perfect combination of tradition and youth.
Featuring the voice of Karen Matheson, the instrumental wizardry of Manus Lunny, with production by his famous brother Donal Lunny, Sidewaulk dared to take the music where it had never gone before.

01 - Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
02 - Balindore
03 - Fisherman's Dream
04 - Sidewaulk Reels
05 - Iain Ghlinn' Cuaich
06 - Fosgail an Dorus / Nighean Bhuaidh' Ruadh
07 - The Turnpike
08 - Both Sides the Tweed
09 - The Weasel
10 - Oh Mo Dhùthaich

Karen Matheson: Vocals
Marc Duff: Recorder, Whistles, Bodhran
Mánus Lunny: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals, Wind Synthesizer
Charlie McKerron: Fiddle
John Saich: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Donald Shaw: Accordion, Keyboards

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vujicsics - Vujicsics (1988 Hungary) @192


There was a brief period in the late 1980s when eastern European music seemed to be flavour of the month among the UK's burgeoning world music fraternity. Groups such as Muzsikás and The Trio Bulgarka performed here and had albums released on British labels. Vujicsics were also part of this mini explosion of interest and Hannibal Records put out this album having licensed the recordings from the legendary Hungaroton label.

Vujicsics are an interesting band. Named after the composer and musicologist Tihamer Vujicsics they share his passionate interest in the folk music of the ethnic minorities of southern Hungary. So this is a Hungarian band who are perhaps best known for playing Serbian or Croatian folk music. In the case of this album it is the former musical tradition that provides the material. The six band members play a wide range of stringed and woodwind instruments and are joined by four female singers including Márta Sebestyén.

Part of the fascination with this music comes from the simple geography of the region. Whilst Hungary belongs very much to the block of 'central' eastern European countries, Serbia - by contrast - straddles the northern limits of the Balkans. So this is music that has its roots in very different regions. Whilst the fast-paced rhythms and violin playing may suggest eastern Hungary or Romania, the presence of instruments such as the gaide (bagpipe), sopile (shawm) and tambura point more towards south-eastern Europe.

Generally the music is characterised by a backdrop of several tamburas alongside a bass and perhaps an accordion with the lead melody played on instruments such as clarinet, ocarina or flute. The playing is fairly dynamic and although the arrangements have obviously been crafted with care they generally avoid becoming too fussy or 'pretty'. Zoltán Juhász plays the gaide on a couple of the tracks to good effect and the distinctive Balkan flavour of "Zbogom Salo" (with tarabuka accompaniment) provides one of the main highlights. It is also interesting to hear the female singers on this record who contribute a few short a cappella pieces. The voices are clear and strong, recalling Bulgarian singers but lacking the latter's unique timbre.
-the electrician-

01 - Dere
02 - Seljancica
03 - Da je visjna-Tanac-rance-Vranjanka
04 - Malo kolo
05 - Zbogom selo
06 - Svatovac iz pomaza
07 - Madarac
08 - Selom ide-Ovo kolo
09 - Sviraj zlato!
10 - Sokacko kolo
11 - Banatsko kolo-Oj savice-Mimikino kolo
12 - Aj..., sviralka

Mihaly Borbely: Clarinet, Flute, Ocarina, Sopile, Tamboura
Mirosláv Brczán: Bass, Cello, Tamboura, Tambura
Dalman Eredics: Bass
Gabor Eredics: Accordion, Concertina, Conductor, Tamboura
Kálmán Eredics: Bass
Erika Frei: Vocals
Marica Greges: Vocals
Katalin Gyenis: Vocals
Karoly Gyori: Tambur, Violin
Zoltán Juhász: Bagpipes
Márta Sebestyén: Vocals
Ferenc Szendrödi: Guitar, Tamboura

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

John Whelan - Come to Dance (1999 Ireland) @VBR~256

English-born button-accordion virtuoso John Whelan retreats from the Celtic-world music fusion experiments of his last few albums to make a straight-ahead, traditional Irish dance record. As such, “Come to Dance” feels like something of a breather. 
It’s also a relief. “Riverdance” has popularized Celtic hybrids to the point of cliché. Whelan’s exceptional technique, good taste in tunes and bandmates, and obvious love of the genre helps him skirt that trap while also avoiding the boredom common to many traditional Irish dates. 
"Come to Dance” doesn’t break any new ground, but it tills the old sod pretty well.

01 — Jackie Coleman's — Bag of Spuds — Bird in the Bush
02 — The Broadstone Inn — Big Snugs — Beth Patterson's
03 — The Turning of the Season
04 — The Crooked Road to Dublin — Dinkey Dorian — Gan Aimn — The Copperplate
05 — Frances O'Neill's — Jesse and Franchesca's Miracle — Stop the Car
06 — Tracks in the Snow — The Nightlight
07 — Fernoy Lasses — The Old High Reel
08 — Queen Esther's — What Daddy — April's Polka
09 — Simone
10 — Crossing the Shannon — Man of the House — The Five Mile Chase
11 — Mary O'Neill's — Bank of Ireland — Ballinamore
12 — Bob's Garden of Earthly Delights — Broderick's
13 — Concert Reel — Flogging Reel
14 — Dowd's Favorite — O'Gorman's Salute — My Cup of Coffee
15 — Ten Penney Bit — Trip to Athlone — Gallagher's Frolics
16 — Newtown Bridge — The Kerryman
17 — Father O'Flynn — Father Tom's Wager — Lilting Fisherman
18 — Spellan the Fiddler — Gan Aimn — Deacon Harry Doyle

John WHELAN: Accordeon
Robin BULLOCK: Guitar, Cistre, Mandolin
Jim EAGAN: harmonic
John MCGANN: Guitar, Mandolin
Cillian VALLELY: Whistle, Uilleann pipes

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Capercaillie - Live in Concert (2002 Scotland) @320

For a band that began life as a traditional music outfit, CAPERCAILLIE has never been afraid of venturing into new musical terrain. Through twelve studio albums and countless "live" performances in over 30 countries, the group has continued to develop and hone their craft, adding distinctive, contemporary innovations to a traditional music-based repertoire.

If sales of their studio recordings have helped carry their music to an international audience - gaining them over one million album sales worldwide and one gold and two silver discs in the UK - it is their "live" performances that have reinforced a loyal fan base around the globe. Live In Concert finally captures the magic and energy of that stage set on CD. This, however, is no backward-looking 'greatest hits live' recording. The band continues to innovate and there is a definite new 'feel' - a new energy and vitality to this recording - which reflects a subtle shift in the band's overall sound.

01 - Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
02 - Finlay's
03 - Kepplehall - Osmosis Reel
04 - Nil Si I Ngra
05 - The Miracle Of Being
06 - Dr. Macphail's Reel - Cape Breton Song
07 - The Weasel Set
08 - Inexile
09 - Iain Ghlinn' Cuaich
10 - Bonaparte
11 - The Rob Roy Reels
12 - Coisich A' Rùin
13 - Crime Of Passion
14 - The Tree

Karen MATHESON: Vocals
Manus LUNNY: Bouzouki, Guitar, Background vocals
Charlie MCKERRON: harmon
Donald SHAW: Accordion, Keyboards, Background vocals
Michael MCGOLDRICK: Flute, Whistle, Uilleann pipes
Michael MCGOLDRICK: Bodhran
Ewen VERNAL: Bass, Background vocals
David ROBERTSON: Percussion, Bodhran

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shooglenifty - Murmichan (2009 Scotland) @VBR

The progressive celtic mavericks from Edinburgh refuse to sit back on their laurels but continue to stride forward with this ambitious new double album, Murmichan.
The 12th October marks the release date of Shooglenifty’s 7th album, Murmichan, under their own Shoogle Record label. It is an epic double album that features their trademark funky sound that roots itself in traditional music. The powerhouse line of percussion, bass and electric guitar drive forward to the melody of fiddle, mandolin and banjax. “With Murmichan we were trying to fully explore the two aspects of the band with this double album” says band member Luke Plumb, “the first disc captures the energy of what we do in a ‘live’ performance and the second disc allowed us to take advantage of total creative freedom in the studio” he first disc features all new tunes that the band have been touring in the last year. On the second disc they combine some new tunes but rework some from the first disc with the help of artists like the Ensemble Kaboul and Dolphin Boy.  
Listen closely to one track and samples of Jay Leno interviewing James MacAvoy about his own band which he cleverly named

Disc One:
1) The Road to Bled
2) The Dancing Goose
3) The Dotteral
4) The Ham In the Boiler
5) Clejcken the Deil
6) The Vague Rant
7) Glenfinnan Dawn
Disc Two:
1) The Wing
2) Up All Might
3) Suphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station
4) First to Sleep
5) Johnny Cope
6) Would You Like An Olive, Wes?
7) Dolphin Delta Dotteral
8) The Road to Bled (Live)

Angus Grant - Fiddle
Luke Plumb - Mandolin
Garry Finlayson - Banjo & Banjax
Malcolm Crosbie - Guitar
Quee MacArthur - Bass
James MacKintosh - Percussion
Ensemble Kaboul
Dolphin Boy


Various Artists - Kerden - Cordes de Bretagne (1998 France) @192

Kerden is an all-instrumental collection that emphasizes Breton musicians playing stringed instruments such as guitar, bouzouki, and bass. The disc presents a ‘Who’s Who’ of stellar Breton musicians: Roland Conq, Jamie McMenemy, Jacky Molard, Yvon Riou, Dan Ar Braz, Soig Siberil, Frank le Bloas, Jean-Charles Guichen, and so on. The pallette of styles is highly diverse, ranging from relatively straightforward takes on traditional tunes to dark and jazzy compositions. The quality of this diverse material is stunning, making ‘Kerden’ well worth many repeat listenings. Highlights include Jamie McMenemy’s solo piece ‘Margot Maria’, and Gilles Le Bigot’s exquisite fretless acoustic guitar on the tune ‘Pedenn’. Kerden was also separately published as a music book with tablature and notation for all of the pieces on the recording.

01 - Kudel (Jacky Molard)
02 - Ty Moon (Pat O'May)
03 - Take Six (Nicolas Quemener)
04 - Melen Aour (Alain Genty)
05 - Bobine (Jacques Pellen)
06 - Ar Moraer (Frank Le Bloas)
07 - Pedenn (La Prière) (Gilles Le Bigot)
08 - Marche Dardoup-Gavotte Pourlet (Roland Conq)
09 - Jenovefa (Dan Ar Braz)
10 - Dre Ar Wenojenn (Soïg Siberil)
11 - Ugia, Uhellou Glaz in April (Tangi Le Doré)
12 - En Avant ! (PSG)
13 - Ar Plac'h Nanket (Alain Leon)
14 - Margot Maria  (Jamie Mc Menemy)
15 - Garzoles (Jean-Charles Guichen)
16 - Deus En-Dro d'ar Ger (Yvon Riou)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

La Volée d'Castors - Migration (2003 Canada) @160

The band from the Lanaudière region was formed in 1993 by Nicolas Froment, Mathieu Lacas, Martin Mailhot and Sébastien Parent. Their first album, Galant, was released in 1994.

In 1995 they were joined by Frédéric Bourgeois from Sainte-Marie-Salomé and, for the first time they performed outside the province of Quebec, at the Northern Lights Festival Boréal in Sudbury, Ontario. Réjean Brunet was added to the line-up in 1996, and for a whole year the Castors were the official musicians of a traditional Lanaudière dance ensemble, les Petits Pas Jacadiens. They also made occasional concerts in and around Montreal and Quebec City.

1997 marked a turning point for the band when they produced themselves at a world folk festival in Saint-Malo, France, in their first international performance. In 1998, their second album, Par monts et par vaux, was launched, and the Castors were invited to various radio and televised live performances which helped increase their popularity. They played for the first time in the United States in 1999 at the New Music Festival, in Vermont, and at the same time they produced a video for Belle embarquez!.

The new millennium saw them performing in concerts all across Canada and also in the United States, notably at the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio. Their third album, VDC, recorded in Saint-Calixte, was released the same year and earned the group a nomination at the Juno Awards 2000 in the Best Roots and traditional album-group.

In 2001 they went on a tour that took them across Canada, Europe, and Quebec where they collected a Félix at the ADISQ awards for the best traditional album. The following year, original member Nicolas Froment quit the band, to be replaced by Steve Boulay from Gaspésie, and again the band embarked on a European tour, in which they took part at the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Scotland and the Tonder Folk Festival in Denmark. Back in Quebec they also performed live with La Bottine Souriante and toured across the province.

In 2003 their fourth album, Migration, was released and the band toured North America, Europe, and for the first time, played in Japan, Malaysia, at the Rainforest World Music Festival, Australia, at the WOMADelaide, and New-Zealand. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the Vancouver Folk Festival also welcomed the Castors, who were joined that year by André Dupuis, a percussionist experienced in Cuban and Latin music.

Since 2004, the band has taken care of itself independently, and has continued to make concerts in Europe and North America. In 2005, their first live album, Y'a du monde à messe, was released. A new member, Frédéric Beauséjour, was welcomed the same year.

01 - La voisine
02 - Bonanza
03 - La palette
04 - La belle Province
05 - M’en revenant de Saint Denis
06 - Douce Amélia
07 - Prince Eugène
08 - A la volée
09 - Tristesse
10 - L’embâcle
11 - Me voilà marié
12 - Esprit de l’Est
13 - Caressons la bouteille
14 - UBC
15 - Les coucous

Mathieu LACAS: Violon, Vocals/voix
Steve BOULAY: Mandoline, Violon, Vocals/voix
Frédéric BOURGEOIS: Accordéon, Harmonica, Bongos
Frédéric BOURGEOIS: Spoons, Vocals/voix, Foot-tapping
Sébastien PARENT: Guitare acoustique, Banjo, Vocals/voix
Réjean BRUNET: Basse électrique, Vocals/voix
Martin MAILHOT: Accordéon, Bodhran, Vocals/voix.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greg Joy - Winds of Change (2002 Canada) @320

01 - Way of the World

02 - A Reason for Music
03 - Waterfall Beach
04 - Cast Adrift
05 - Winds of Change
06 - Lost in the Shadows
07 - Synthetic Blue
08 - Impressions of the Park
09 - Spirit of Anisha
10 - Angel
11 - Searching for the Light
12 - Child of Tomorrow
13 - The Wanderer
14 - Song for Anna

Greg Joy: Guitar, Arranger, Composer, Producer
Harold Birston: Cello
Jesse Zubot: Violin
Norman Stanfield: Flute, Recorder (Tenor), Alto Recorder
Rick Kilburn: Bass (Electric), Engineer, Double Bass
Sal Ferreras: Percussion


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greg Joy - Celtic Secrets (1995 Canada) @320

Highly decorative 'folk-baroque' guitar stylings and the hauntingly beautiful sounds of flute, recorder, hammer dulcimer and viola da gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Britsh Isles celtic-folk melodies.

01 - Unquiet Grave (Traditional)
02 - A Maid in Bedlam (Traditional)
03 - Scarborough Fair (Traditional)
04 - The Trees They Do Grow High (Traditional guitar arr. John Renbourn)
05 - Wind Dance of the Fairies (Written by Greg Joy)
06 - Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free (Written by Greg Joy)
07 - Sovay (Traditional)
08 - All Things Are Quite Silent (Traditional)
09 - Greensleeves (Traditional)
10 - Breton Dance - Douce Dame Jolie (Traditional)
11 - Sylvie (Written by Bert Jansch, arr. by Greg Joy)
12 - When I Was on Horseback (Traditional)
13 - Ancient Sojourn (Written by Greg Joy)

Greg Joy: 6-string guitar, hammer dulcimer.
Norman Stanfield: soprano, alto & tenor recorders.
Lori Pappajohn: flute.
Trevor Tunnacliffe: baroque viola da gamba.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Corde Oblique - Volontà d'Arte (2007 Italy) @VBR

This Napolitan project is a masterpiece. Riccardo, the composer, plays classical guitar and medieval lute accompanied by female voices and musicians from Ashram, Spiritual Front, Dwelling, Argine, Lupercalia. Enter a magical medieval romantic journey surrounded by fairy like female voices.

01. Cantastorie
02. Amphiteatrum puteolanum
03. Casa hirta
04. Before Utrecht
05. Atheistc woman
06. Kaiowas
07. My harbour
08. Kunstwollen
09. Panneggio
10. Cuma
11. La pioggia sui tasti
12. Olhos cinzentos
13. Piazza Armerina

Riccardo Prencipe: Classical guitars, medieval lute

Caterina Pontrandolfo: voice (tracks 1, 2, 8)
Floriana Cangiano: voice (tr. 3)
Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front): voice (tr. 5)
Sergio Panarella (Asrham): voice (tr. 7)
Claudia Florio (ex Lupercalia): soprano (tr. 10)
Catarina Raposo (Dwelling): voice (tr. 12)
Alfredo Notarloberti (Ashram - Argine): violin
Luigi Rubino (Ashram): Keyboards and piano
Eugenio Catone: piano (tr. 11)
Franco Perreca: clarinet and ciaramella
Francesco Paolo Manna: zarb, daf, riq, italian tamburin, sheker, caxixi, bells, cajon, darbouka, frame drum
Alessio Sica (Argine): drums

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - The Gab o Mey (Scotland 2003) @320

Old and blind maybe, but certainly not lame! Another superb album from the Dogs, with Jim Malcolm’s gorgeous vocals leading the tremendous talent. One of Jim’s greatest assets is to be able to sing even the best-known of songs, and still reveal previously missed meanings - simply because he sings the story, not the folkiness. With a night-visiting song, a sea-chanty, and a bothy ballad amongst others, Jim’s talent can be well appreciated. Wonderful music to back him up, and instrumental sets, with whistles, cittern, bass, fiddle, guitar, percussion, Galician and Border pipes. Smooth vocals, resonant instrumentals, the best of today’s Scottish folk.

01. Monymusk Lads,
02. A Wild Rumpus,
03. Bogie's Bonny Belle,
04. The Whistler,
05. The Wisest Fool,
06. Archie Beag,
07. The Breton & Galician Set,
08. Lads O the Fair,
09. Lochanside,
10. Rolling Home

Jim Malcolm (guitar, harmonica, lead vocals)
Aaron Jones (bouzouki, bass, backing vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Rory Campbell (whistle, border pipes, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals)
Fraser Stone (drums, percussion)

Friday, September 23, 2011

John Renbourn - Palermo Snow (2011 England) @320

John Renbourn's 2011 album Palermo Snow, his first new studio recording in 13 years, finds the veteran British guitarist turning in a varied set of acoustic guitar instrumentals that go well beyond the simple designation "folk." Renbourn is joined on some tracks by clarinetist Dick Lee, who first appears several minutes into the seven-minute title tune, a Renbourn original full of textured chording and careful fingerpicking. Lee also adds melodic flavor to such later tracks as the jazzy "Ugly James" and jazz musician Randy Weston's low-key "Little Niles" (which has some of the feel of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Porkpie Hat").
Renbourn turns classical with his guitar transpositions of Erik Satie's "Sarabande" and Bach's "Cello Prelude in G," the latter sounding like it might have taken quite a while to work out for guitar, even if it lasts less than three minutes. A bluesy style enters with Renbourn's original "Weebles Wobble (But They Won't Fall Down)" and with the closing cover of "Blueberry Hill." This is the work of a master guitarist who has taken his time to come up with a quality record. 

01 - Palermo Snow
02 - Dery Miss Grsk
03 - Bella Terra
04 - Cirque D'Hiver
05 - Ugly James
06 - Sarabande
07 - Cello Prelude in G
08 - Weebles Wooble (But They Won't Fall Down)
09 - Little Niles
10 - Blueberry Hill

John Renbourn: Guitar and vocals
Dick Lee: Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
Nick Kukich: Guitar


Monday, September 12, 2011

Griff - Griff (Belgium 2005) @320

 Originaly ripped by Yojik
The band Griff was formed by Rémi Decker and uses the skills of three virtuoso bagpipe players as a starting point (either playing solo or in polyphony), arranged in a modern, though not superficial way. Their repertoire is a balance between new composition and traditional music, using different types of bagpipes, as well as whistles and singing. Guitar, diatonic accordion and double bass provide an attentive and inventive accompaniment that adds rhythm, colour and dynamics to a band guided by intuition, rather than by conventions.

01. Carnaval
02. Rasta Pizza
03. Fils du Roi
04. Lazâr/An Dro Tortue
05. Trolska
06. A la Jolie Fille
07. Leksand
08. Bojyrlig
09. Marivonig An Dorduff
10. Aderyn Du
11. Mladja
12. Antas
13. Autumn Comes

Rémi Decker: bagpipes, whistles
Raphaël De Cock: vocal, whistles, bagpipes
Birgit Bornauw: bagpipes
Pascale Rubens: diatonic accordion
Maarten Decombel: guitar
Pieter Lenaerts: double bass
Jo Zanders: percussion
Hannes Poussele: cello


Monday, September 5, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Tall Tails (Scotland 1994) @320

'Tall Tails' is one of the best CDs produced by 'The Old Blind Dogs'. A combination of traditional songs combined with fresh new tunes makes compelling listening. The CD strikes a good balance between upbeat tempos, which will get your feet tapping if not dancing round the room, and soft ballads such as 'I'll lay ye doon love.'

The Old Blind Dogs have succeeded again in putting their own definable mark onto well-known and well-loved songs, and their rendition of 'Barnyards O'Delgaty' is one of the most memorable tracks in the collection.

Jonny Hardie's fiddle sings sweetly through the tracks, and he, along with Buzzby McMillan (bass) and Davy Cattenach (percussion)support Ian Benzie's suberb vocals. Although the line up has since changed the quartet has produced an outstanding contribution to modern scottish music. Definitely worth a listen!

01 - The Barnyards O Delgaty
02 - The Burn O Craigie - The Moon Coin Jig - Miss Isabel Blackley
03 - The Banks O Sicily
04 - The Sportsmans Haunt - Mrs Baily of Redcastle - Sherlocks Fancy
05 - A Wife in Every Port
06 - Boondock Skank
07 - The Pills of White Mercury
08 - Miss Sheperd - Sandy Grant - The Hurricane
09 - Lay Ye Doon Love
10 - Wilies Aul Trews - The Auld Reel 1 - The Auld Reel 2
11 - P Stands for Paddy
12 - The Buzzard

Ian F. Benzie (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Buzby McMillan (cittern, bass)
Davy Cattanach (percussion)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carreg Lafar - Hyn (1998 Wales) @320

A regular helping of traditional songs and tunes with marvellous arrangements and themes. The songs are conveyed in both traditional and contemporary harmonies. The instrumental tracks such as "Afon Yr Haf" (The Summer River) and "Llef Harlech/Aberdulais are performed beautifully with sensitive arrangements between flute, fiddle, percussion, guitar and Welsh bagpipes...(yes - we've got them too!). Overall a well arranged, well produced CD. A fine example of Welsh folk music at its best, and one I'd recommend to anyone.
"The Living Tradition magazine"

01 - Yr Hen Ferchetan
02 - Os daw fy Nghariad
03 - Blewyn Glas
04 - Lisa Lân
05 - Cariad Cywir
06 - Afon Yr Haf
07 - Mari Lwyd
08 - Llef Harlech
09 - Aberhonddu
10 - Dau Rosyn Coch

Simon O'Shea: guitars, mandola, vocals
Rhian Evan-Jones: violin, cello, vocals
Antwn Owen-Hicks: voice, bodhran, drum, whistle, Welsh hornpipe, Welsh bagpipes, percussion
Linda Owen-Jones: voice
Lawson Dando: bass guitar
James Rourke: flute, whistle

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dalc'h Soñj - Lusk Ar Galon (1998 France) @VBR~192

Originally created around a duet bombardon - accordion, which were then grafted new musicians, the group Dalc'h Sonj offers a faithful and contemporary music, inspired mainly of traditional song.
His repertoire consists mainly of areas of western Brittany . However, this album was chosen on its land of origin : Vannes area.
Roundness, depth, rhythm, Dalc'h Sonj's music is made for listen, sing, dance, and live it!

01 - Kalon an douar (marche du pays Pourlet)
02 - Hag ar blez man (kaz a-barh)
03 - Mary Jean Jan [La Mort de Jean] (Gwerz)
04 - Ar plach a vro ar c'hallaoued (hanter-dro)
05 - M'en revenant de Paris (Ballade du pays de Redon)
06 - Suite de ridées 6 temps (du pays de Redon)
07 - Na ma zimezo-me (Je me marierais)
08 - Trio - M'en revenant de noce (marche du pays Vannetais)
09 - Ti timat (Laridenn)
10 - Entre deux épines
11 - E pardon plunered (marche)

Alain LANGLOIS: accordions
Jislen AR GWILHANT: vocals
Yann-Ber AR RALLIG: bombardon, clarinet, sax
Emmanuel TRAVERS: guitar
Ronan MELEARD: biniou kozh
Marie Claire LOUIS: vocals
Pierre LE TOUX: percussions
Mikael SEZNEC: bass
Antonin VOLSON: percussion


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cristina Pato + Mutenrohi - Misturados (2007 Spain) @VBR~192

"Ten years ago I went onstage with Mutenrohi to record their first live album "You Dance" (1997). So much has happened since we wanted to celebrate, especially me, because they gave me the space needed to do what later became Cristina Pato."
Today, adapting to new audiovisual media, DVD, we wanted to repeat the experience and record everything we've done over the years... we've mixed and "Mistura" again and the result is here. Almost two hours of music that dazzle fans of Mutenrohi and shall make the repertoire that has marked the history of our careers.

01. Bag Á L´ame 5:32
02. Os Sentidos 4:04
03. Mutenrohi 4:56   
04. Tolemia 3:51
05. Escuiten Señores 4:06
06. Eu en Tí 4:19
07. Tenho Sede 4:30
08. Carmiña, Carmela 4:13
09. Alalá - Muiñeiras II 6:29
10. Muiñeiras III 4:01
11. Lozana 6:56


Monday, August 22, 2011

Restarting my ProgRock blog!

I'm restarting my other blog.
With a new design!
If you like Prog/Avant Prog/Fusion music, you're invited to take a look there:
Brain Damage
You're welcome!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EmBRUN - EmBRUN (2006 Belgium) @320

Original ripped by Yojik

At the high days of dance music in Belgium, musicality often seems to be lost. But EmBRUN proves that playing for dancers can also be enjoyable and is not only about swing. With 5 brilliant musicians and a whole load of instruments they can entertain both dancers and listeners. Their compositions sound very traditional and renewing at the same time and are played with lots of dynamics and energy. That’s why EmBRUN is one of the hottest and finest groups in the dance scene.

01 - Gigoloco (Jig)
02 - La Belle Dame - Hanterdrone (Hanter Dro)
03 - De Witte Lens - Taboe - Renedie (Bourrées 3 Temps)
04 - Petekindjeswals - Dépardu (Wals)
05 - Scottish Voor Johan (Scottish)
06 - Purple. L. Hurricane (Scottish)
07 - Sleeping Fingers (Cercle)
08 - Bour1 - 't Goei Doel (Bourrées 2 Temp)
09 - Yazurka 18 (Mazurka)
10 - Il Briganti - De Bus Van St. Agatha (Tarantella)
11 - Isostar (Andro)
12 - Embrun-Polka's (Polka)

Jonas Scheys: double-bass, electric bass
Toon Van Mierlo: pipes (G+C), uilleann pipes, bombarde (F), low whistle,
soprano, baritone and tenor saxophones, clarinet, diatonic accordion
Bert Leemans: chromatic accordion
Harald Bauweraerts: electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy, synthesizer
Ludo Stichelmeyer: percussion
Philip Masure: guitar, cittern


Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Fit? (Scotland 2001) @320

Old Blind Dogs are from Scotland and were formed in Aberdeenshire in the early 1990s by classically trained fiddle player Jonny Hardie, rock-and-reggae veteran bassist Buzzby McMillan along with others who have since exited the group. Old Blind Dogs was assembled originally out of the members' love for traditional music, but with changing personnel over the course of six previous albums, the group has been branching out some, incorporating some non-traditional percussion, such as the African djembe drum.
But the group's primary focus remains on more or less traditional material, and mostly acoustic instruments. They also are very Scottish, singing a number of their songs in a Scottish dialect. The title, Fit? is also from the Scottish dialect called Doric.
It means "what?" and as the CD's booklet points out, it is often used as an expression of disbelief.
The rest of the Old Blind Dogs are lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Malcolm who has had a solo career in his own right; bagpiper and pennywhistler Rory Campbell -- a second generation piper; and Old Blind Dogs' newest addition, teenaged percussionist Paul Jennings, who despite his upbringing on the Shetland Islands plays the djembe, bongos, congas and other African and Latin American instruments, and nary an Celtic bodhrán. While their instrumentation sounds rather traditional, they are not afraid to create some interesting variations on the music in their arrangements. This CD, only their second US release includes about half instrumental pieces, and one acapella track. And while most of the music is from traditional Scottish sources, most of it is unfamiliar even to regular fans of Celtic, which in this country is usually associated with Irish traditional music.
The band's level of musicianship is exceptionally high, and despite their taking some liberties with the traditional material, they remain faithful to the basic direction and quite tasteful, while imparting a contemporary twist to the music.

01 - Is There For Honest Poverty
02 - Come A Ye Kincardine Lads
03 - Much Better Now
04 - Tramps and Hawkers
05 - Country Girl
06 - Sky City
07 - Reres Hill
08 - The Rejected Suitor
09 - Away Whigs Awa
10 - Cuilfhionn
11 - Black-haired Lad
12 - Tatties and Herrin

Rory CAMPBELL: Whistle, Bagpipe, Background vocals
Jonny HARDIE: harmon, Background vocals
Paul JENNINGS: Djembe, Congas, Percussion
Buzzby MCMILLAN: Cistre, Background vocals, Guitare basse
Jim MALCOLM: Vocals/voix, Guitare, Harmonica

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear friends, Folk Yourself needs your help again.

My amount of Rapids (Rapids are the virtual currency which has been RapidShare is developed) is valid until the end of this month.

After that I will not be able to continue paying the Rapidshare service.
For new posts I can host them in other free services, but the problem is that all the current albums are hosted in Rapidshare.
Once my account is closed, all Folk Yourself files will be deleted.
Therefore it would be interesting to continue with my account on Rapidshare.

Readers who have, like me, a Rapidshare Premium account, can send me Rapids as a donation.
For one month, the value is 990 Rapids (1 Rapid is worth Approximately 1 Cent (euro cents) or 0.01 euro).

For those friends who find this interesting form of aid, see below how to help:
To Contribute to Folk Yourself you need have a Rapidshare Premium Account.

1) Log into your Rapidshare account and go to the Tab "My Rapidsahre"

2) In the left column of your screen locate the item "Send Rapids to a friend!"

3) A window will appear to type the Folk Yourself  public ID.

a) Type the amount of Rapids you want donate.
b) Type this code: 5130
c) Type your password
d) Optionaly send me a message (please, do it!).

That's it.
Maybe this way, with everyone's help, we can continue with this old blog for a long time.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Irolt - Spylman (1983 Netherlands) @320

Irolt was a Frisian band started in 1975 with Frisian texts on folk -like music. From the beginning, Nanne Kalma (guitars, banjo, mandolin, autoharp and vocals), the driving force. He also composed the music.
In the first occupation played - besides Kalma - Geppy Haarsma (accordion), Hans Kerkhoven (guitars), George Cutter (drums and percussion), Inez Timmer (vocals) and Aart Kuyt (singing) along. Sometimes also played with Peter Cook.
The first album by the folk group, The Sege of texts by Gudrun Sybe Krol, Tulip and Recognize Wijnalda January, immediately received national attention.
From 1980, Sijtse Wagenmakers (accordion) and Jan Ottevanger (bass, guitar and tuba) in the party.
Inez Timmer stopped in 1983 as vocalist with the legendary folk group. Subsequently Ankie van der Meer took this task.
In 1984 the LP Irolt Doarmje with GetOn set texts by the Frisian poet Berber van der Geest.
Irolt received much national recognition and also performed at folk festivals in England.
The group stopped in 1987.
Nanne Kalma and Ankie Both van der Meer subsequently formed a duo and also play Kat yn ' t Seil. Kalis plays in graveyards and in order Ottevanger ' e Noard.

01. De Spylman Yn'E Tram        
02. De Jierringen        
03. Hospes Tryn        
04. Sy Hawwe De Macht        
05. Nij Liet Op 'E Grouster Merke        
06. Hoe'T De Ienhoarn Fan'E Wrâld Ferdwûn        
07. Jabik Ingberts        
08. Daging        
09. Marij        
10. Wa Sit Der Foar It Rut        
11. Anne En Ymkje        
12. De Wurkdei Sit Der Op        
13. Marij Op 'E Mark        
14. Utspraak        
15. Poffe En Blaze        

Sytze Wagenmakers: Accordion
Gjalt Bosma: Banjo
Jan Ottevanger: Bass, Tuba
Syb Erich: Drums [Lytse Tromme], Washboard, Hihat
Wybe Postma: Guitar
Nanne Kalma: Guitar, Trombone, Violin
Inez Timmer: Vocals, Recorder
Ankie van der Meer: Whistle, Bodhrán

Berber van der Geest (track 4), Fedde Schurer (tracks: 1, 3), Inez Timmer (tracks: 7 to 15), Joast Hiddes Halbertsma (tracks: 5), Nanne Kalma, Pyt Jon Sikkema (tracks: 2, 6).
Laura Tietjens: Design, Illustration

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