Monday, January 31, 2011

Kornog - Ar Seizh Avel (France 1985) @320

Kornog's second album features a broad range of material, from the lovely set of Breton gavottes that opens the program to the Bulgarian ratchenitza that ends it in a lightning-fast 7/16 dance meter. The combination of French and East European dance steps with a Celtic instrumentation (flute, guitar, fiddle, bouzouki) and playing style is part of what distinguishes the music of Brittany from other, more familiar Celtic traditions. The angular, modal melodies are also distinctive, as demonstrated on tunes like the almost medieval-sounding "Toniou Bale" and the stark and lovely "Dans Plinn." In a somewhat strange juxtaposition with the rest of the program, bandleader Jamie McMenemy sings "The Shuttle Rins," a 19th-century Scottish song written by Henry Syme "for the encouragement of the working classes." "Sweetly may the shuttle rin/That wins the bairnie's bread," goes part of the chorus, and the melancholy image of a young mother toiling at a loom to feed her baby contrasts heartbreakingly with the song's sweet and gentle melody. This is a lovely record.

01 - Gavotten Ar Menez
02 - Sir Aldingar
03 - Toniou Bale
04 - Ronds De St. Vincent
05 - Helen Of Kirkconnel
06 - Trip To Flagstaff
07 - The Shuttle Rins
08 - Dans Plinn
09 - Gavotten
10 - Lvarbishka Ratchenitza

Christian Lemaitre: Fiddle
Jamie McMenemy: Bouzouki, Mandolin, Vocals
Soïg Sibéril: Guitar
Jean-Michel Veillon: Flute, Whistle


Albion Country Band - Battle Of The Field (England 1976) @320

After leaving Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, bass player Ashley Hutchings dreamt of a band that would play traditional British folk and Morris dance tunes with the energy and instrumental virtuosity of rock & roll continued with the Albion Country Band. Although the original group, featuring Royston Wood, Sue Draheim, and Steve Ashley, in addition to Hutchings, was together for less than two years, the ripples they brought to British folk music have continued to be felt. Their sole album, Battle of the Field, released three years after they disbanded, remains a much-cherished classic. With the band's resurrection as the Albion Dance Band in 1975, and later, as the Albion Band, Hutchings' dreams have continued to yield fruit. Hutchings initially assembled the group that became the Albion Country Band to accompany his then-wife, Shirley Collins, on her 1971 album No Roses. Inspired by the results, the musicians agreed to continue pooling their resources as the Albion Country Band. After providing accompaniment for Ashley on his album, Stroll On, and Richard Thompson on two tracks that were released on his 1991 cassette-only album, Doom and Gloom From the Tomb, Vol. 2, Hutchings and the Albion Country Band, joined by such top-notch British folk musicians as John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, and Simon Nicol, recorded heir first band album in 1973. Financial difficulties caused Hutchings to disband the group before the album's release. With no band to promote the recording, Island held back the album's release until 1976.
(Craig Harris, All Music Guide)

01 - Albion Sunrise
02 - Morris Medley
03 - I Was a Young Man
04 - New St. George / La Rotta
05 - Gallant Poacher
06 - Cheshire Rounds / The Old Lancashire Hornpipe
07 - Hanged I Shall Be
08 - Reaphook and Sickle
09 - Battle of the Somme

John Kirkpatrick: Accordion, Electric Piano, Melodeon, Concertina & Vocals
Martin Carthy: Acoustic Guitar
Simon Nicol: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Dulcimer, Simon Nicol & Vocals
Ashley Hutchings: Bass & Vocals
Roger Swallow: Drums
Sue Harris: Dulcimer & Oboe
Roger Swallow: Percussion


Monday, January 24, 2011

Blå Bergens Borduner - Blå Bergens Borduner (1993 Sweden) @160

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The band started 1984 and Stefan came with his bagpipe and cello 1987. We plays tunes from the swedish counties Värmland, Närke and what we like to play
at the old types of swedish old folkmusic-instruments. We had a short break between 1995-2009 and celebrate 25 years together! A cd been realized 1993 and we been nominated to a swedish grammy! We are now working at a new album, perhaps can be realized 2010.

01 - Bortom Bergen
02 - Konvulsionslåten
03 - Futter Petters Vals
04 - Polska Från Norra Finnskog
05 - Polska Efter Pelle Pettersson
06 - Säckpiplåt Från Norra Råda
07 - Brudmarsch Efter Jan Karlsson I Dalby
08 - Flugboet
09 - Vårvalsen
11 - Mocksandslåten
12 - Ha'gjort Valsen
13 - Polska Efter Blinda Pelle
14 - Spilå Jans Gånglåt
15 - Brännvinslåt Från Älvdalen

Anders Norudde Stake: Svensk säckpipa, fiol, moraharpa, hardingfela och säljflöjt.
Ulf Karlsson: Fiol och, säckpipa
Göran "Freddy" Fredrikson: Bouzouki, gitarr och vevlira
Stefan Ekedahl: Cello, flöjt, och säckpipa


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2010 Canada) @320

Loreena McKennitt goes back to the traditional Celtic and English folk music that launched her career with the release of The Wind That Shakes the Barley on November 16 via her own Quinlan Road label.
Recorded at the historic 1832 Sharon Temple outside of Toronto, finds the multi-instrumentalist McKennitt in a slightly more spare folk setting than her more recent expansively produced works. There's a certain fragility at the heart of Barley's most tender ballads -- "On a Bright May Morning", "The Parting Glass" -- an intimacy that extends throughout what is easily one of McKennitt's most personal albums. "Every once and again there is a pull to return to one's own roots or beginnings," says McKennitt, "with the perspective of time and experience, to feel the familiar things you once loved and love still."

01. As I Roved Out

02. On a Bright May Morning
03. Brian Boru’s March
04. Down by the Sally Gardens
05. The Star of the County Down
06. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
07. The Death of Queen Jane
08. The Emigration Tunes
09. The Parting Glass

Loreena MCKENNITT: Vocals/voix, Keyboards, Harpe
Brian HUGHES: Guitare, Bouzouki
Hugh MARSH: Violon
Caroline LAVELLE: Violoncelle
Ben GROSSMAN: Bodhran, Frame drums, Triangle
Ian HARPER: Uilleann pipes, Whistle
Tony MCMANUS: Guitare acoustique,
Jeff BIRD: Mandole, Mandoline, Basse acoustique
Pat SIMMONDS: Guitare acoustique, Accordéon
Andrew COLLINS: Mandoline
Brian TAHENY: Mandoline
Chris GARTNER: Guitare basse
Andrew DOWNING: Basse acoustique
Jason FOWLER: Guitare acoustique.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Camaxe - Airexa (2008 Spain/Belgium) @320

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After listening to the first two numbers on this CD, I was not too impressed about this album - decent enough folk rock music around Galician gaita, some pleasant enough panderaita/voice, but nothing too outstanding. However, the remaining album gets better and better, and more individual, convincing me in the end to give a warm recommendation for this album.
The band is centred around Galician born musician and composer Miguel Gallo, who plays the Galician bagpipe i.e. the gaita, whistles and sings. With the band being based in Belgium, many of the other members of the band are Belgian, on guitar, violin, drums/percussion/clarinet and double bass/cello - with additional guests on accordions, guitar and bagpipes.
All (but one) the music is composed by Miguel. Overall, the CD brings an excellent mix of songs, gentle tunes and faster folk rock tunes focussed on the gaita. The songs are shared between Miguel himself (with a gentle voice)and two great female singers, Sonia Lebedynski and Sonia Reborido. Stylistically the songs are somewhere between traditional Galician and acoustic pop; they are distinctive and very attractive.
Overall thus an excellent album - and the first two numbers on the CD are not bad, but do not give an indication of the individual style and quality of this album.

01 - Paixon e Ira
02 - Androlka
03 - Hoxe nada, Mana quizais
04 - Tua Nai
05 - El Gavota
06 - A voz do mar
07 - Berrame, que son Feliz!
08 - Dous Namorados
09 - Non quero odio, So teno pena
10 - Muineira en Paradela
11 - Para Ela
12 - Alma de Paxaro
13 - O 'Aire'
14 - Envolveme
15 - A Boina de Don Perfecto
16 - Vals Musette 'Camaxe'

Miguel Allo: bagpipes, flute, vocals
Marc Demartelaer: bass
Filip Lambrechts: guitar
Baptiste Argouarc'h: violin
Gauthier Lisein: drums, percussion, piano

Galician singers Montse Ogando (Liorna)
Sonia Lebdynski (Fia Na Roca)
Sonia Reborrido (Mercedes Peon)
Tuur Florizoone (chromatic accordion, Tricycle)
Patrick de Schuyter (guitar, Soledad)
Julien De Borman (diatonic accordion, Turdus Philomenos)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Live (Scotland 1999) @320

Between 1992 and 1998, The Old Blind Dogs featuring Ian Benzie and Davy Cattanach introduced the world to a new sound in traditional Scottish music. Some have called it "sexy folk music". The blending of Ian's rich and romantic voice with the groove of Davy's percussion gave the Dogs a sound that had never been heard before, and will not be duplicated again.
With the change in lineup, Ian and Davy have departed, the sound of OBD has also changed. Here the is a recording from the golden era of the Old Blind Dogs. Here are the Dogs at their best, live in concert.
Live at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen.

01 - The Twa Corbies
02 - The Salmon Leap
03 - The Bonnie Earl O'Moray
04 - Malcolm Ferguson
05 - Bedlam Boys
06 - The Pills of White Mercury
07 - Lay Ye Doon Love
08 - The Barnyards O' Delgaty
09 - The Buzzard
10 - MacPherson's Rant
11 - The Cruel Sister
12 - Bennachie (Gin I Whaur the Gaudie Rins)

Ian F. Benzie (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Buzby McMillan (cittern, bass)
Davy Cattanach (percussion)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - New Tricks (Scotland 1992) @320

"Breathing new life into old tunes and more importantly old songs" (Folk Roots)

"Old Blind Dogs have created an instantly recognizable trademark sound built around fiddle, percussion, bass and Ian F Benzie's commanding voice that is equally capable of moving your heart as it is your feet" (The Lemon Tree)

"Innovative, exciting and original... With them the traditional is still alive and well and moving towards the 21st century" (The Living Tradition)

01. Bennachie
02. The Garnethill / Miss Mairi Mac Phail Of Laxdale
03. The Bonnie Banks O' Fordie
04. J and B Reel / The Bonawe Highlanders
05. The Wee Wee German Lairdie
06. Monaghan's Jig
07. The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie
08. Song For Autumn
09. Gala Water
10. The Ferret Set
11. Bedlam Boys / The Rights Of Man

Ian F. Benzie (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Buzby McMillan (cittern, bass)
Davy Cattanach (percussion)

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